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Hairstyles That Can Amp Up Your Basic Ponytail

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The ponytail is the most versatile and easy hairstyle that women usually prefer. Pretty much everyone relies on this hairstyle on an everyday basis. There are some ways you can amp up this basic ponytail hairstyle as well.

Ponytails help keep the hair out of the face and eyes while continuing to be a low maintenance, hassle-free hairstyle. But who doesn't like amping up things every now and then, right?

So these hairstyles are for those days when you don't want your hair all over the place and also want a sleek, classy hairstyle.

After all, who said that ponytails have to be boring every day? And enough practice can also make you a hairstyle expert. Most of these styles are really easy to do. Some of them may require a bit of extra effort, but we are sure that you can nail them.

We picked out styles that look the best and are most fun to do, and even seem easy, as we all know how difficult hairstyles like French and fishtail braids can be. So, have a look at the easy ponytail hairstyles and do try them out.

1. This one is a really simple ponytail hairstyle with a tiny twist up dutch braid at the front. Dutch braids overall are really tough to do, but a tiny section of the hair should not be that difficult

ponytail hairstyles to try

2. This one has a simple rope twisted braid at the top. This would be really easy to do, and would look like you've put in a lot of effort to the fun pony hairstyle, even though the effort is minimal.

ponytail hairstyles to try

3. This hairstyle is really chic, with three cornrow-like braids on the side. The trick to this style is to keep the rest of the hair completely straight.

ponytail hairstyles to try

4. This messy ponytail is best for hair that is unwashed and wavy. Messy hairstyles can look gorgeous and this one is no exception to that rule. This is one of the easiest and best ways to amp up your ponytail hairstyle game.

ponytail hairstyles to try

5. This sleek double-knotted loose pony is the thing of dreams. It can go really well with formal clothes, even making casual clothes look neat and well put together. Be sure to straighten your hair for this look.

ponytail hairstyles to try

6. The slight curl at the end of this ponytail makes it look girly and cute. It is best for girls who have wavy hair.

ponytail hairstyles to try

7. This messy ponytail hairstyle is perfect for wavy hair. Even better would be if your hair has layers. This style would help make the layers stand out.

ponytail hairstyles to try
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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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