Easy Ways To Use Rosemary Oil For Strengthening Hair Roots

By: Pooja Kaushal

Essential oils are called essential for a reason. Include them in your daily life and they will deliver innumerable benefits in every aspect of your life. In the market these oils are available in concentrated form and need to be diluted before use. The other method to put them into use is through the herb itself. Plant your own herbs and reap the benefits.

Among the multiple benefits of essential oils one is related to hair care. We all love to have beautiful, lustrous and healthy hair. Unfortunately, our present day lifestyle and food habits cause havoc to our tresses and scalp. Bringing them back to life becomes a difficult task. But thanks to the availability of essential oils, hair and scalp health can be revived.

Among the many essential oils rosemary is one with manifold benefits for both the hair and scalp. Consider the following advantages of using rosemary oil.
•  Removes dandruff
•  Improves hair growth
•  Unclogs hair follicles
•  Soothes inflamed scalp
•  Repairs damage
•  Restores gloss and luster

Rosemary is either available in herb form or as a concentrated essential oil. How should you use these to give your hair the beauty treatment?


1. Hot oil treatment:

Hot oil treatment is an age old method of hair care. Rosemary oil is available in concentrated form and hence needs a carrier oil. One of the best options here is coconut oil. In two tablespoons of coconut oil mix two to three drops of rosemary oil. Heat the oil on a flame till warm. Apply this to your hair and scalp. Leave for at least an hour before washing. It would be beneficial if you cover your hair and scalp with a shower cap for this one hour.


2. Leave In Conditioner:

Conditioners help the hair stay well-managed, tangle free and look voluminous. A rosemary leave in conditioner will help you achieve all these but in a natural and safe way. You can use either the herb or the oil for this purpose. In 200 ml of water add 10-15 drops of rosemary oil or a tablespoon of rosemary leaves. Put the water to boil. Allow to boil for close to 10 minutes. When cold strain and pour the liquid in a spray bottle. After a hair wash, spray this conditioner on your hair.


3. Rosemary Rinse:

Another way of using rosemary is in the form of a rinse. Similar to the leave-in conditioner prepare double the amount using the same quantity of herb or oil. Cool the infusion completely before use. After a hair wash give a final rinse to the hair and scalp with this rosemary infusion.


4. Shampoo:

Rosemary infused shampoo can be attained by adding two to three drops of the oil in the shampoo being used. Take shampoo on your palm, drop the oil and mix. Apply this mix to your hair and scalp, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse.


5. Vinegar Conditioner:

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent hair conditioner. It gives the hair a squeaky shine and tangle free tresses. Adding a couple of drops to the vinegar will boost the qualities of the vinegar conditioner and leave you with glowing hair.


6. Massage:

A massage is always beneficial to the hair and scalp. It stimulates the arteries and increases blood supply to the brain. Giving the scalp a rosemary infused massage will not only give beautiful hair but will sharpen the brains too.


7. Rosemary Green Ta:

Rosemary will not only benefit when applied but also when consumed. Prepare green tea as you would normally prepare, only add a couple of rosemary leaves to it. Allow the tea to take in the flavours of the herb. This might take close to five minutes.


8. Hair Masks:

We can prepare various kinds of hair masks at home. There can be various kinds of ingredients that we add to these packs to give our hair some special care. They usually contain honey, eggs, gram flour, curd, lemon, etc. No matter what you mix, do make sure to add a couple of drops of rosemary oil. You will soon see the benefits.


9. Overnight Treatment:

Since childhood it was a practice to apply oil at night, leave it to ‘work on' the hair and scalp and wash off the next morning. This is an old, tried and tested way of applying hair oil and has never disappointed.


10. Post Shower Treatment:

Many of us have the habit of applying a little bit of oil to the scalp soon after a shower. When done with the washing and drying give your hair a post wash treatment. Take two drops of rosemary oil in your palm and dilute it with a teaspoon of water. Massage this into your scalp to get healthy hair.

Rosemary has multiple benefits. Pamper your hair with this essential oil. Your hair will thank you and compliments will pour in.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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