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Easy Ways To Add Volume To Thin Hair

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Do you often hide your hair with disgust because it is way too thin? I think most of us ladies have the habit of covering our mane whenever we think it is ugly to look at or if we are having a bad hair day.

It is time to get rid of this habit and do something that will make thin hair look thicker. If you are determined to make your hair thicker in just about no time, you have come to the right place. We at Boldsky have a few tips and tricks you can put into use just so you can make that hair look thicker and beautiful.

Easy Ways To Add Volume To Thin Hair

According to experts there are a ton of essential oils one can use to strengthen the roots to produce a thicker mane. Likewise, there are a handful of herbs too which you can crush and apply to the scalp to generate better hair growth.

But, what if we told you today that there are many other better tricks and tips to follow to make the hair look better. What are you waiting for, take a peek at some of these awesome and easy ways to add volume to thin hair:

Curl Thy Locks:

Curl Thy Locks: One of the most amazing tips that you can follow is to just set your hair with large velcro rollers, it will help the volume last all-day long. On the other hand, this trick will make your hair look natural too.

Cut The Ends

Cut The Ends: Sometimes, the ends of the hair can make the mane look lean and thin. Therefore, getting a crop once in three months is ideally the best thing to do. This will also allow new hair to grow much thicker and better.

Blow Dry Your Tresses:

Blow Dry Your Tresses: Blow drying the hair is another option, you can make use of, if you want your thin hair to look amazingly thicker and beautiful. All you need to do is to flip your head upside down and tousle your hair while you blow-dry. We are sure you will fetch a lot of compliments after trying out this trick.

Change That Hairstyle

Change That Hairstyle: All you need to do is to play with a different hairstyle. Side partition plays a major role in adding more volume to the hair. Side-swept bangs look thick without taking too much hair away from the rest of your style.

Spray On

Spray On: Just flip your hair upside down and spray your hair down with a mild hair spray. Wait for 30 seconds before you flip back, as it takes that long to dry. Repeat the spray again if you need to. However, it is important not to make this a regular habit as hair sprays can damage the hair by making it dry.

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