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DIY Mask For Heat-Damaged Hair

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In this age and time, a lot of new tools and products are available for trying out different hairstyles. And, of course, we would want to try all those tools, as they do wonders to the hair, like instantly getting rid of all the frizz and a bad hair day with a straightening iron.

And then there are blow dryers. They make our lives a lot easier, what with our busy schedules and no time to spend on both washing and drying our hair. A blow dryer actually dries the hair and styles it at the same time. And who doesn't want that? So most of us end up using blow dryers almost everyday.

diy mask for heat damaged hair

What we fail to think of or understand is the fact that these could be quite damaging to the hair in the long run. In fact, with regular usage of heat styling tools, you will notice the hair starting to look dull, limp and even slightly burnt. A good way to prevent this would be to use a heat protecting spray or serum before using the heat styling tool.

For hair that is already really damaged from too much heat, here is an easy DIY mask that would repair the damage and nourish your hair.

diy mask for heat damaged hair

Coconut oil
Olive oil
Egg whites
Vitamin E capsules

Method And Application

Beat the egg whites till the liquid is smooth and has no lumps. Mix it with olive oil and coconut oil. Pierce two vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the oil from them and mix well. Use this as a mask for the entire length of the hair, focusing more on the areas where the damage is situated. The damage is usually at the ends, because oils from the scalp do not reach the ends, making them look dead and limp.

Coconut oil helps restore moisture and shine to the hair, while olive oil provides nourishment. The vitamin E capsules provide nourishment and at the same time prevent further damage. The proteins in eggs make it great for a pre-wash treatment. This mask can be used once a week for best results.

diy mask for heat damaged hair

With regular usage, the damage caused by heat styling will be reversed. Try to stay away from all chemical hair products too, for added benefits.

We hope you try this out. Remember, damaged hair is serious business, so deal with it with care. Let us know if this worked for you!

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 16, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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