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Best Natural Tips To Treat Dry Hair That Actually Work!

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Do you cringe every time you brush your hair because you notice how dry and brittle it has come to be? Are you tired of having hair that looks dry, lifeless and bushy?

Well, dry hair is one of the most common problems that people face, especially during the monsoon seasons or even during the winters.

Dry hair can be caused by various reasons, apart from the weather factor. Also, if a person is not following a nutritious diet and is not consuming enough water, then it can make his/her hair turn dry and damaged.

Dry hair can also be caused by using heat-styling devices to straighten or curl your hair, on a regular basis, as excess heat can damage the hair cells, making them brittle and damaged.

When a person has dry and damaged hair, it can make any hairstyle look very messy.

Also, dry hair takes a longer time to grow, as split ends are one of the most common side effects of having dry hair.

So, we'll be giving you a few excellent tips to get rid of dry hair that really work! Have a look.


1. Use Natural Oils

Oils made from natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, etc, are exceptional hydrating agents, which can infuse moisture into your hair cells, making your hair less dry and brittle.


2. Read The Ingredient Information Before Use

Read the labels for ingredient information when you buy hair care products. Products that contain sulphates, silicones and alcohol can dry your hair out, further, and also damage your mane.


3. Wash Your Hair Less Often

Washing your hair too often can strip off the moisture from your hair and also damage the cuticles, thereby making your hair turn dry and brittle. Limit your hair washes to just once or twice in a week.


4. Shampoo Just The Roots

While washing your hair, you can shampoo and lather up just the scalp and avoid rubbing the rest of your hair too much, so that your hair does not become too dry and frizzy after the wash.


5. Avoid The Sun

The UV radiation from the sun and even dust can worsen the dryness of your hair. So, make sure you cover your hair with a cloth or a scarf when you step out.


6. Avoid Heating Devices

Hair-straighteners, curlers, blow-dryers, etc., should never be used on a regular basis if you have dry hair. In fact, taking a break from these devices for a few months can really help.


7. Use Natural Hair Masks

You can deep-condition your hair, at least once in a week, with natural hydrating masks using your kitchen ingredients!

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Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2016, 12:49 [IST]
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