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Tips For Shaving Armpits


Shaving armpits needs some patience. In fact, shaving is one of the best ways of hair removal. You can use an electronic device or the regular razor depending upon your convenience. But when it comes to shaving the under arm hair, you will have to go slow and steady.

Shaving armpits needs more efforts especially if you want a clean shave. The hair over there tends to grow in several directions which makes things tougher for you.

If you are impatient, you tend to make shaving mistakes and that might cause pain or irritation after the shave.

As most of the women prefer using a razor in order to shave their underarms, it is better to know about certain shaving tips.

6 Things To Do For Clean Underarms

The area under the arms is full of ups and downs and the skin over there tends to be delicate. These two factors offer shaving challenges as your skin tends to get irritated when you mess it up.


Exfoliate First

It is better to scrub your arm pits before you start shaving that area. This will help remove dead skin cells.



Ensure that you make the area wet. Though some people prefer to shave arm pits without a shaving gel, it is better to use one for lather. That makes the shave easy and soft.



Use each blade only for 3 shaves. It isn't wise to use blunt ones on your skin. When shaving armpits, it is better to go for a sharper blade as the terrain tends to be uneven under your arms.



It is better to shave your armpits during nights. This is because you will tend to sleep after the shave and this will heal your skin. This is one of the tips for shaving sensitive armpits.



After every stroke, rinse the blade well and see that the shaved hair is out of it. If the hair remnants stay on the blade, shaving gets tougher.



It is better to shave after a hot shower. Your skin tends to be a bit softer after the shower and this helps the blade move easy on your skin. This is one of the best tips for shaving armpits.

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