Remedies For Dry Hair In Summer

By Debdatta Mazumder

Those who have long hair tend to know how difficult it is to maintain it. One needs to put in a lot of effort to maintain the length, health and thickness of the hair.

In summer, the major problems arise. Most of us would even prefer cutting our hair to make it more manageable. So, in order to solve your hair problem, Boldsky shares a few tips on dealing with dry hair in summer.

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Whether your hair is short or long, if it starts losing moisture; you must not delay taking a proper care.

Usually, you know that winter is the season when your skin and hair lose moisture. But in summer, the dirt and pollution can affect the natural moisture of your hair and make it turn dull and frizzy.

Hair problems in summer increase, leading to itching and bacterial infections. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot, the roots remain wet for long and it causes hair fall.

So, dealing with dry hair in summer requires some guidelines so that you can say goodbye to all hair problems. What are the ways to get rid of hair problems in summer? Read on to know..

Homemade Pack

Only shampooing is not enough to clean your hair in summer. To provide moisture, follow this homemade pack.

Egg White


1 egg white

How To Do:

Make a mask with egg white and milk. Stir it to make a frothy mixture. Smoothly apply all over your scalp and hair. Wash thoroughly after drying.


Banana contains natural fats and moisture, which keeps the hair hydrated and nourished. Using banana in your hair pack will keep your skin moisturized and frizz free.


1 ripe banana
2-3 tbsp honey

How To Do:

Mash up the ripe bananas and add 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Mix it into a paste and use as a hair mask. Shampoo the hair after half an hour. Apply this banana mask once a week to get better and faster results.

Drink Water

Not only your body, but your scalp can be healthy if you drink water. Water keeps your body hydrated and prevents your body to be dried up. So, make sure water, fruits, smoothies and juices are on the top of your food list.

Condition Your Hair

After shampooing your dry hair, it can become drier, especially in the summer time. Never forget to use a conditioner to keep up the moisture levels of your hair and scalp. If you don't want to use market products, rinse your hair with green tea or apple cedar vinegar.

Avoid Heat

To avoid hair problems in summer, you can stay away from any chemical heating products like straightening, ironing, colouring or blow drying your hair. These practices can hamper the usual moisture of your hair by making it pale and colourless.

Essential Oil Treatment

Oils provide nutrition to the scalp. Essential oils like jojoba, olive or almond make your hair smooth and give a dark and lustrous texture. You can really boast your hair texture with these oils even in summer.

Don't Tie Your Hair Tightly

Dealing with dry hair in summer must include this simple yet important tip. Try to maintain a loose hairstyle like a casual braid or a ponytail. If you go for a tight knot, your scalp will sweat more and won't get enough air to pass.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Drying your hair vigorously using a towel, doing chemical treatments on your hair, using heating agents, etc., can cause damaged and frizzy hair. Also, avoid using hot water to shower your hair. This may make your hair turn dry and hence lead to damage of the texture of your hair.

Some Tips To Remember

  • Do not shampoo too often. If you wash your hair every day, you will lose the natural essential oils of your hair.
  • Trim your split ends on time, in order to avoid it from progressing to your entire hair.
  • Choose your product. This means you should choose your shampoos and conditioners according to your skin types.
  • Stop using heating products. Try to avoid heat blow dryers and use cold blow dryers, instead, if at all there's a necessity.
  • Go in for that regular trimming.
  • Most importantly, protect your hair. Always protect your hair from the sun and the environmental pollution while stepping out of your home.
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