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Quick Steps To Get A Wavy Hair

By: Debdatta Mazumder

If a girl gets instant tips to be party ready, she will be the happiest person on earth. The mess with hair can be very irritating. Either you get tangles in your hair while trying a new style or follow the regular hairstyle at every occasion. Does a regular ponytail go well at prom night?

Therefore, with simple tips to get an instant wavy hair, you can keep your hair open and look beautiful.

How to get wavy hair in 5 minutes? Curling iron is the easiest solution to create beautiful curls. But, heating your hair is not good always, as the process can eliminate the natural oil from your hair and make it dry.

There are some tips to get an instant wavy hair that can be followed without heating your hair. Any artificial look doesn’t go well with your natural beauty. Hence, why to do anything unnatural?

When you want tips on how to get wavy hair in 5 minutes, your priority should be the health of your hair. While making your hair beach wavy to get a windy look, you should follow certain ways that does not damage your hair. What are the useful tips to get an instant wavy hair? Read on to know more.


1. Twisting and Braiding:

Shampoo your hair and condition it well. Dry it with a towel. Now, apply some curling crème. Next step is to twist or braid your hair. Use a dryer to dry your hair. Now, open the twisted or braided hair and voilà there you have it! Getting wavy hair is that much easy.


2. Pin Curls:

This is how to get wavy hair in 5 minutes. Separate your wet hair into strands and roll those to form a coil. Pin up those coils with a bobby pin and let those dry. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair faster. Uncoil the hair after 5 minutes and see the magic!


3. Overnight Braids:

This is another effective way to get an instant wavy hair. Damp your hair and make a braid. Sleep on it. In the morning, untie your hair and you can, for sure, get natural waves easily. Don't comb your hair. Set it with fingers and a light hair spray.


4. Use Hairspray:

You may get wavy hair for the party. But, you definitely wish for it to stay longer. Why not use hairsprays to keep the waves intact while moving your hair? Thus, you can have a bouncy look to rock the evening.


5. Bun Method:

While you think of how to get wavy hair in 5 minutes, consider this method as an easy step. Wet your hair and start making a bun from the top of your head. Make little buns all over your head and wait for it to dry completely. Open your hair after it has dried.


6. Use Your Hands:

What else can you do to get sexy and wavy hair? Squeeze a hair gel or mousse on to your palm and apply it on to your dampened hair. Scrunch your hair to get the perfect wave within no time. If you're attending an after-office party and want a different look, try this one.

Now, you know how to get wavy hair in just 5 minutes. You can make the process easier with curling irons or a diffuser. In case you have natural waves, just apply an enhancer to make the waves look more vivid. These are few tips that can help you. You can try these and grab the attention at a party.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 21:30 [IST]
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