Habits That Makes You Bald At A Young Age

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"Ugly is a field without grass, a plant without leaves, or a head without hair."

Ovid, The Silent Woman.

In is estimated that humans lose up to 100 stands of hair in a day. And in some cases, it becomes more severe when more than a 100 strands simply fall out.

According to hair experts, it is believed that the sole reason behind rapid hair loss is poor hair hygiene and bad habits. Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle filled with harmful habits like smoking, drug addictions, stress etc.

These bad habits inwardly affect our body as well as our looks, and most of the time we fail to attend to the problem by getting rid of the habit. Due to these habits and other wrong hair mistakes, we often end up losing our tresses at a young age, which results to baldness over a period of time.

If these habits that make you bald are not ended, you might lose your entire mane. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of these bad habits that cause early hair loss. Take a look at the many reasons why you are getting bald at a young age. It is time for you to do something and act on the problem at the earliest.


A Wrong Shampoo

Using a wrong shampoo on your hair is one of the many major causes for hair fall at a young age. If your hair is limp, it is best to use a mild shampoo till the hair regains its strength. Avoid using chemically treated shampoos on the hair, as they can result in further hair damage.


Hot, Hot Water

Using hot water on the hair to wash the tresses is another habit that makes you bald quicker. Constant use of hot water on the hair removes the natural oil, making the hair dry and dull to look at. Hot water also destroys the root of the hair, thus leading to the hair loss problem at a young age.


The Love For Hard Water

Usage of hard water can destroy the hair follicles. This water also damages the scalp, which thus loosens the hair root causing the hair to fall rapidly. It is best to use mineral or soft water when washing your tresses.


Too Many Hair Products

The worst habit that makes you bald at a young age is the regular use of hair products that can destroy the hair from the root to tip. If your hair requires attention and pampering, opt for home-made hair masks instead.


The Sun To Blame

It is necessary to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. The heat from the sun absorbs moisture from the scalp, making your hair dry and weak, in turn causing baldness.



There are certain types of medications that can increase hair fall. On the other hand, women who have the habit of popping in birth control pills are at a much higher risk of hair loss problems.


Stress Is The Killer

The worst habit that makes you bald is putting your body under constant pressure and stress. Experts state that stress causes hair loss and other skin-related problems too. Therefore, it is best to keep stress at bay for a healthy lifestyle.

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