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Stop These Hair Mistakes Which Make You Look 10 Years Older!

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Did you know that over-styling your hair, bleaching your tresses to a lighter shade and a weird haircut can make you look 10 years older than your actual age? Weird, isn't it?

Experts state that 9 out of 10 women follow these hair care tips, which make them look aged and haggard. Though some of these hair tips are trending and in fashion, it is suggested not to try them out.

Not only do these trends make you look ugly, they also damage the hair from the scalp to the tip. Over-styling can cause a lot of hair problems such as hair fall, limp hair, and, in some cases, the over use of styling products can lead to scalp infections and dandruff. Getting rid of these hair mistakes that make you look older is a wise thing to do. If these mistakes are avoided, your tresses will begin to look healthy and beautiful.

On the other hand, if your hair looks dry, weak or dull, it is best to opt for home remedies. Natural ingredients will help to make your tresses look healthy. It will also get rid of those nasty and stubborn hair problems.

So, take a look at these 8 hair mistakes that make you look older and try to avoid them as much as possible.


Overloading Those Beauty Products

An overload of hair products can make the hair look dull. These products can also make the hair look oily and wet; therefore, tampering your features and making you look 10 years older. It is best to avoid using hair products as much as possible.


The Wrong Hairstyle

The wrong hairstyle can also make you look twice your age. It is said that women with a round face type should not go in for straight hair or bangs, as it can make you look old.


Ooops! The Haircut

Chopping the hair short or growing it too long also makes you look older. The perfect length of hair to keep is at the shoulders or a little above the waist line.


Split Ends

Split ends not only make the hair look dull, they also draw out the youthful look on your face, making you look older and aged.


That Bright Hair Colour

A wrong hair colour can also speak a thousand words. Bright hair colours don't complement a dusky skin tone, and a bold black colour will not complement a very fair skin tone. So, colour your bangs according to your skin colour.


No Volume!

If your hair lacks volume, it is shown on your face. Dull, limp and no pump to your tresses can make you look older. It is best to avoid this mistake by opting for hair masks to retrieve that hair volume.


Tight Hairdos

Tight hairdos is another mistake most of us are making. TThis can result in us looking 10 years older than our actual age. Leave those tresses free to look young and beautiful.


Bleached Tresses

Bleached hair can make you look old and haggard. It is one of the worst mistakes most models and women these days make.

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