9 Interesting Facts About Your Hair

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Hair is an important asset of the body that no one wants to loose. People tend to worry day in and out, even if they lose a few single strands of hair.

We spend a lot of time and money in beautifying our hair, but we must know certain important facts about our hair. These facts will help you cope up with most hair problems, hence stop worrying and get to know about your hair health.

The life of a single hair strand is about 5 years or more and our hair is so strong that it can't break easily. Hair can grow anywhere on the human body, except on the palms of your hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, lips and mucous membranes.

It all depends on how we treat our hair. Chemical treatments, heat treatments and not taking a proper care of our hair can shorten its life and therefore result in early hair loss and damage.
In this article, we have shared with you some interesting facts about hair that you must know. Scroll down to find more facts about on hair.


How Long Your Hair Grows

Your hair grows about 6 inches per year that is 0.33 mm per day. However, the use of chemicals and heating instruments on hair can eventually slow its growth. This is one of the interesting facts about hair.


Is It Normal To Lose About 100 Strands Of Hair Per Day?

If you find some hair strands on your comb, don't worry or panic, it is a normal phenomenon. These hair strands come out as and when new hair starts to grow.


Hair Can Support Huge Weight!

Our single hair strand can almost support about 100 grams of weight, hence our whole hair can almost support the weight of two elephants. Now, thats massive! However, your scalp wouldn't be able to cope with the weight.


How Long A Hair Strand Can Live

If you treat your hair properly, the life of the hair strands can be maintained between 4 and 7 years. When a hair strand has completed its life, you won't feel anything when it comes out.


During Summer Your Hair Grows Faster

During summer your hair can grow faster, as the warmth during summer season stimulates hair growth. If you want your hair to grow longer, go out in the sun and switch on the heater during winter.


Hair Is Elastic

One of the interesting facts about hair is that it can stretch due to its elastic nature. Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair and can stretch up to 30% without it being damaged. At the same time, wet hair is weak than dry hair and can break easily.


Hair On Head For A Good Reason

Since there is no fat layer as an insulation on our head. Our head loses most of the heat. Hence, the presence of hair on our head stores some heat inside to compensate for the insulation.


Hair Can Reveal About Your Health

A forensic scientist would be able to tell you about your lifestyle and the kind of food you eat by just having a look at your hair. Moreover, it can also detect if a person has been taking any illegal drugs or not. Even DNA tests can be carried out by using a single strand of hair.


Straight Hair Is Curly

Even the straight hair gets twisted as it grows. The only difference between curly and straight hair is that curly hair has many twists already present, hence results in the formation of curls.

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