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Hot Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

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Does your hair feel icky, greasy and dirty? Well, if it does then you should do something about it. When the hair is greasy, it is advisable not to run a comb through it as it will stimulate the oil glands in your hair making your hair look all the more disgusting.

Usually, women opt for the standard bun hairstyle to ward off the dirty locks. But, today we have a few more hot hairstyles you can now go for without washing your hair.

Hot Hairstyles For Dirty Hair | Hairstyles For Dirty Hair | Hair Care Tips For Dirty Tresses

A few things you should keep in mind if your hair is dirty: It is best to use dry shampoo as it helps absorb some of the oil and bulks up the hair so you can style it more easily!

It is also said that dirty hair holds curls better, so you can heat style your hair using your roll-brush.


Here are some of the other hot hairstyles you can try out when your hair is dirty and oily.

Fish Braid - If your locks are in a mess today and your hair seems dirty to look at, well cover up the mess by braiding your hair into a fancy looking fish tail. This type of hairstyle covers up the oily look of your hair.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun - Messy bun is the classic type of hairstyle you can opt for when your hair is not washed. If you want to flaunt your wavy hair, try a messy bun.


The Tangy Pony - Side pony is the best, but the only disadvantage is that when placed over the shoulders, the hair will touch your face and this is not good if your hair seems oily. So, try a high side pony and flaunt your style.


The Half Updo

The Half Updo - The half updo is a perfect hairstyle you can do without washing your hair. It looks neat and makes you look trendy too!

Cap It

Cap It - Hide your dirty hair with a chic cap. You can also try out a fancy looking hat or a beenie, if need be. However, let your hair down just like Rihanna's style.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves- Beach waves are simply the best for you to opt for when you hair is not washed. Just run your fingers through your hair and let them loose A side partition or a center parting will do too!

The Side Bun

The Side Bun - Have you tried the latest side bun hairstyle? Well, here is your chance to try out this sexy and hot look if your hair seems messy and greasy. All you need to do is braid your locks and tie them together into a side bun.

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