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Hair Care For Extremely Dry Hair


Dry and rough hair is a problem faced by many people. This is because of unhealthy food habits and lifestyle that people are adapting. This is accompanied by pollution, dust and dirt.

The excess use of chemicals and synthetic processes has also led to the damage of hair. Therefore, frequent hair treatment for very dry hair is required. There are salon methods for dry hair care. But they are short termed and may have side effects like dandruff, hair loss and so on.

It is always good to use natural hair treatment for very dry hair. The natural methods for dry hair care may take longer to show effects but they are permanent benefits. In this article, we shall discuss some natural dry hair care methods to make your hair soft and smooth.

Aloe vera - Aloe has very good dry hair care benefits.Aloe vera has properties that repairs the dry hair and makes the hair soft and smooth. Aloe vera is thus a good hair treatment for very dry hair. Aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the scalp and hair. The gel should be kept for some time and then rinse it with cold water. You may even use shampoo or conditioners that are made form aloe extracts.

Egg - Though, applying egg is sticky and stinky, but it is an excellent hair treatment for very dry hair. The egg has lot of proteins and vitamins which help in moisturizing the hair. It also contains certain enzymes that remove unwanted oils and dirt. To use egg, pour the egg white or yellow or a mixture of both in a bowl. You can even mix egg in your shampoo. Leave the egg for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Your dry hair care is done naturally.

Yogurt - Yogurt helps to clean the hair scalp by removing unwanted oils, dirt and dandruff. The fats in the yogurt helps to moisturize the hair. Yogurt is a natural hair treatment for very dry hair. To use yogurt, apply it on the hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse hair with water and then wash with shampoo to remove the stickiness of fats. Do not use yogurt for dry hair care if the external atmosphere is cold. Yogurt can cause head ache, cold and cough.

Beer - Beer has been proven to be a good hair treatment for very dry hair. Beer has large amount of yeast which helps to retain the moisture in hair and help in dry hair care. To use beer, pour some in the hair and massage your scalp and hair for 10-15 minutes. Wash the hair with cold water and repeat this every week for better results. There are some beer shampoos also available in the market which have good benefits for dry hair care. Beer can be used for hair treatment of very dry hair.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 7:04 [IST]
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