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Bun Hairstyles To Steal From Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor is the global fashionista of Bollywood. She is known for her smart style statement everywhere. Apart from her fashion sense, Sonam Kapoor's hairstyles are also deeply appreciated. Sonam Kapoor's fetish for buns is well known. We have seen Sonam Kapoor try bun hairstyles of different types. The side bun is her favourite of course.

But there is a whole array of different bun hairstyles that Sonam Kapoor loves to try. In fact, on most formal occasions we see her hair pulled into a stylish bun. Within a short span of time, Sonam Kapoor has tried almost all types of bun hairstyles that are available. Of late, we have seen her try the braided bun very often.

Bun is a traditional Indian hairstyle, but Sonam has given this hairstyle a facelift. Sonam Kapoor's bun hairstyles are both traditional and contemporary. She has tied a bun with fancy designer dresses and also worn it with ethnic sarees.

So here are some of the best bun hairstyles you can steal from Sonam Kapoor.


Side Flick Bun

In this stylish bun hairstyle, a portion of the hair has been used to make a smooth side flick. The rest of the hair has been pulled back into a neat bun.


Traditional Side Bun

Sonam Kapoor is wearing a traditional Kerala saree here. Her hair has been pulled into a neat side bun that is adorned with white flowers or gajra.


Retro Bun

Sections of Sonam's hair has been pinned to give the simple bun a retro effect. Sonam's hair is side parted and fluffed up in appropriate places.


Side Parted Roll Bun

If you are out for shopping then this elegant bun will look classy on you. Sonam's hair has been side parted and rolled up into a fine French roll.


Curled Low Bun

Sonam Kapoor has first curled her hair into neat and large curls. Then she has tied up a bun very low over her neck.


Parandi Bun

Sonam Kapoor's hair has been pulled back into a very intricate braided bun. She has then decorated her braided bun with golden parandis.


Side Parted Braided Bun

If you don't want your braided bun to look too traditional, then copy this style. Side part your hair and leave some locks loose. Then pull your hair back into a tight braided bun.


Curled Side Bun

Sonam Kapoor's hair is heavily curled in this picture. Then side part your hair and pull it into a loose bun.


Messy French Roll

Usually a French roll is neat and prim. But here Sonam Kapoor has made her French roll very messy to go with the Gothic look.


Neat Low Bun

This is a hairstyle that would have made many school teachers proud. Sonam's hair is combed flat and side parted. She has then tied the hair into a neat low bun.


Braided Wreath Bun

Sonam has a braided wreath of hair along her hairline. Her hair has then been pulled back into a stylish braided bun.


Top Knot

Sonam is quite tall and so we rarely see her tie top knot. But at Cannes 2012, she made a rare exception.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 1:29 [IST]
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