10 French Hairstyles That Are In Trend

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Hairstyles keep coming and going out of fashion with time But French hairstyles have never really gone out of the trend. The standard French hairstyle like the French roll and braid have always been trendy. But there are many more new and improvised hairstyles that can be traced back to France.

There is a large variety of short hairstyles for women that are originally French. After all, the French women were the first to go for bob cuts. That is why a majority of the trendy short hairstyles for women like the pixie cut were first tried by French women. Although we do not refer to these hairstyles as French anymore, their roots lie in Parisian fashion.

The rope braid is probably the most popular French hairstyle. You may not know that there are many variations of the French braid that are quite trendy and doable. In fact, the basic idea of braided bun comes from medieval French styles. If you want a prim professional look, then too you can have a lot of options in this genre of hairstyles. The French roll is still one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for working women.

Here are 10 French hairstyles that are in trend at the moment.


Loose French Braid

This is the traditional French braid. Only, it is loosely braided to give the hairstyle a new look.


Uber Cool Bob Cut

It was the French women who were the first to bob their hair. This stylish variant of the bob cut is very Francois.


The French Roll

The the beautifully rolled up bun that is popular among working women is a French hairstyle.


The Upturned Bob

This stylish bob cut too is very French in nature. Instead of curling the hair inwards, it is curled outwards to make the hairdo different.


The Braided Bun

This elaborate hairstyle is good for special occasions like weddings and other Church ceremonies.


The Pixie Cut

This ultra small crew cut was popular among French actresses in the 1960s. It has made a comeback in Hollywood now.


Curly Braid

It may not appear so but this is actually a short hairstyle. The noodle curls of the hair are allowed to fall free. Just one side of the hair near the forehead is braided.


The French Braided Bun

The typical French braid has been folded up to form a neat bun here. A good hairstyle to flaunt backless gowns.


The Rope Pony Tail

The is not a braid hairstyle. It is more like a pony that has been tied up with rubber bands at regular intervals.


The SHort Layer Cut

This was Victorian Beckham's patent style. She kept her hair cut boyish with two log fringes on the sides.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 18:04 [IST]
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