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Short Boyish Hairstyles For Stylish Tomboys!

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If Audrey Hepburn can look all feminine and graceful in a crew cut then there is no reason you cant. If your hair takes too much time you are starting to get tired of your long locked look then you ought to get yourself a short hairstyle for women to look fashionable and easily so. A boyish haircut might not be such a bad idea, especially if you define yourself as a sworn tomboy.

Here some the most fashionable short hairstyles for women to choose from so that they can make a style statement with a boyish haircut too.

Short Hairstyles For Women: The Tom Boy Picks

1. Pixie Cut: It is the most in hairstyle trend now because Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) is sporting it these days. A pixie cut is basically a very close crop of your hair almost like a military crop. You just leave a few odd ends poking out at the right places for a fashionable look.

2. Asymmetrical Bob: Another one the short hairstyles for women that is pretty red hot now. You only have to check out Rihanna at the red carpet to know why. This hairstyle basically involves cropping one side of your crown shorter than they other. So one side of your head has more hair than the other that is the 'asymmetry' that works fashionably well.

3. The Boy Cut And The Pigtail: You must have seen that long strand of hair either braided or beaded peeping out behind the ears of women with really short hair. It is the famous pigtail that is kept as a tribute to the long locks you have chopped. You get a normal crew cut and save that single bunch of hair worming out of your head as a reminder that you are now a perfect tom boy.

4. Spunky Spikes: Please do not attempt this at home unless you have hair that is painfully straight and bouncy. This boyish haircut is difficult to carry because it is not only short but also whacky. You need to have some natural spunk in your personality carry this one. It will be a messy look with spikes of hair sticking out from all over your head. In this haircut almost no two hairs on your head are some the same size!

5. Streaked Layers: If you are keen on getting coloured streaks then you can try the layered boy cut. It will be a boy cut but layered and the layers have to be accentuated by the streaks, white and gold is the best combination that works for this look.

6. Middle Parted Lover Boy: You cannot forget the haircut that Leonardo Di Caprio sported in Titanic; imagine the same on a bright eyed lass like Demi Moore. Clicks, doesn't it? It is a typical 60s hairstyle that is making its way back in fashion.

Use these fashion tips for women to choose the best short women hairstyles.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 14:41 [IST]
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