8 Indian Hairstyles That Are Safe For Diwali

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Diwali is the time to dress up in your best clothes and dazzle the world around. But Deepavali is a festival that puts you in close contact with fire. Every year we hear several accidents during this beautiful festival of lights. While tradition dictates that you must be dressed in all your finery for celebrating Diwali, common sense says that it is better to be safe than sorry.

You need not think too hard to realise that it is the women who are at greatest risk during Diwali. They are dressed in silks, muslin and other highly inflammable clothes. On top of that, it is usually women who have long flowing hair and leave it open as a style statement. If women try some safe Indian hairstyles during Diwali, then a lot of these accidents can be avoided. Most Indian hairstyles are elaborate but they hold the hair firmly in place.

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Moreover, when you are decked up in such fine clothes, it really makes sense to complete your look with a chic braided hairstyle or an elaborate bun hairstyle. Most young women feel that Indian hairstyles are out of fashion and will make them look aged. Girls, if that were true, why would all the celebrities and top fashion designers still use these hairstyles?

The typical Indian bun is a hairstyle that has immense potential. You can improvise it in a million ways to get a really cool festive look. In fact, the braided hairstyles that go with Indian outfits have a wide variety. Choose the one that suits you the best. To make your job easier, here is an ensemble of Indian hairstyles that are safe for Diwali.


Ash's Apsara Look

Aishwarya Rai adopted the ancient apsara look to flaunt her Indian look. First she has made a beehive and then braided her hair. The tiara sets of the hairstyle magnificently.


Rosy Roll

This hairstyle that can be best described as a horizontal roll was very popular in the 60s. Re-invent it by sticking half a dozen roses into it.


The Parted Bun

The special feature of this bun is that the hair in the front is neatly parted and fixed. This is again a style from the 30s and 40s but add some orchid to make it look trendy.


The Flowering Bun

All you have to do is make a simple knotted bun behind your head. Decorate it with a huge flower like sunflower or dahlia on the side. The flower should cover atleast half of your bun.


The Curly Top Knot

The top knot is one of the safest hairstyles for Diwali. But it can make your face look a little flat. That is why Deepika curled her hair to give the hairstyles some bounce.


The Flower Net Bun

It is obvious that Kareena has used a net to keep her bun neat. But the interesting part is that she has stuck little white flowers within the net to make it look like a flowery net.


The Flamboyant Top Knot

Rani's hairstyle is just as flamboyant as her role in the movie 'Aiyya'. The hair has been dived into several parts and then intertwined to make an interesting top knot.


Vidya's Half Bun

The ever graceful Vidya Balan had made a bun out of half of her hair and braided the rest. It is an innovative hairstyle that you can improvise upon.

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