Bollywood Hairstyles To Steal From For Your Diwali Attire!

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The Bollywood actresses are style inspirations for women all over the country and some even for people outside India. We will be sharing with you Bollywood hairstyles you can steal from for your Diwali attire!

Hairdos can be really complicated to decide upon, especially for festive occasions and for Indian clothes. Most people are comfortable with just keeping it loose. But, of course, you can try out new looks and get creative with them.

And what better way to do this than to take inspiration from the Bollywood divas themselves, right? The hairstyles, which we have listed here, are all classy looks that would complement Indian clothes for Diwali perfectly.

Taking ideas from the stars is the best way to go when in doubt, as they all never fail in terms of glamour. Just look at how perfect the hairstyles look.

These classic hairstyles can jazz up your entire look, as we all know that hair plays a huge role in how the entire look ends up to be.

So, don't let your hair mess up your look, which you have spent days planning. Have a look at these hairstyles for Diwali and do try them out.

1. Classic Bun: You could never go wrong with this classic hairstyle. It goes with all sorts of Indian clothes. Add studs and ornaments to the bun to accessorise it and make it look extra glamorous.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

2. Fishtail Braid: Fishtail braids add an elegant touch to every look. They are somewhat more complicated to do than everyday braids. All you need to do is divide your hair into four or more sections while braiding it.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

3. Messy Bun: The messy bun is not so messy in terms of how sophisticated it looks. It is one of the simplest hairstyles to go for if you are in doubt about what hairstyle to try for Diwali. And no one does a messy bun better than Deepika Padukone.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

4. Hair Let Down Loose: When in doubt, leave your hair loose. Make sure you tame it and straighten it before you do this. Loose hair needs to look sleek and shiny, so use a shine serum for sure. This is one of the simplest Bollywood hairstyles to steal this Diwali.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

5. Loose Braid: Loose braids look sophisticated and glamorous, without being over the top. Pair it with jhumkas and you'll be good to go.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

6. Middle Parted Bun: This is a really good and easy hairstyle; but it can make your face look a little older and more mature. So, go for it only if you're absolutely okay with that kind of a turnout. Smoky eyes look really good with this hairdo.

bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali

7. Messy Top Knot: This is similar to the messy bun, except it goes a lot higher. This hairstyle looks really nice on hair with highlights that you can try for Diwali.
bollywood hairstyles to steal this diwali
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