Hair Highlights That Suit Indian Skin Tone

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Hair highlights give both texture and volume to your hair. It is no longer enough to style your hair fashionably. Highlights are the latest trend and everyone is sporting them. It makes you look trendy and younger at once. Also, hair highlights add a coolness quotient to your personality ADD WHAT??. You can turn into a rockstar from a boring nerd just by doing some red hair highlights.

So, it has been established that highlights are essential to maintain your trendy image. But not all hair highlight colours suit the Indian skin tone. It is not enough to match your hair with black hair. This is because not all Indian men and women have black hair. It is much better to match the highlights with the colour of the Indian skin.

Hair Highlights

Here are some of the hair highlight shades that compliments the Indian skin tone.

Rust Red Highlights: The best part about red hair highlights is that there is no age limit for it. Anybody can sport rust red highlights; be it a college girl or a 40 year old corporate professional. This shade of red works magnificently with the Indian complexion. Just make sure that the highlights are well placed, you need not worry about the rest.

Grey Highlights: Grey highlights look natural and thus cool on black hair. This is because it gives the effect of natural hair greying. However, only matured women (above 30 years) should try. On younger women, grey makes you look aged. Grey looks best when you have a single streak of the highlight running along the length of your hair.

Blue Highlights: Big Boss 6 contestant Sapna has made blue a hot colour for highlighting your hair. Before her, Katty Perry had coloured all her hair in a rich royal blue. You need to have a certain spunk to carry blue highlights. If you are demure and don't really have a bold personality then blue is not your colour. Blue looks best in short or shoulder length hair.

Coffee Brown Highlights: This is one of the best colours for the Indian skin tone. It is closest to our natural hair colour and therefore it is not look outrageous. So brown sought of blends in with the Indian complexion. If you do not want a really striking over-the-top highlighting, then you can try coffee brown.

Copper Highlights: Many celebrities are seen sporting copper highlights these days. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone are among them. Even Kareena Kapoor sported copper highlights for a very long time. It looks absolutely ravishing on the Indian complexion and there is no age bar for this colour as well.

These are the 5 hair highlight colours that look great on Indians. Which colour have you tried on yourself?

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Story first published: Monday, November 26, 2012, 17:38 [IST]
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