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‘Baldness Calculator’ For Men!

By Super Admin

Worried that you will soon become 'baldie' like your dad or uncle? Worried that age will soon catch upto you with those shedding hair strands? Here is one item that can save you from this dilemma.


Men who value hair more than health can add one more item to their long list of creams, potions and medicines: ''Baldness calculator''. This beneficiary computer program predicts if and when you will go bald. It is said to be the world's first reliable tool for predicting hair loss.

The 'baldness calculator' calculates the exact age at which someone will go bald or have lost most of their hair. It also provides reassurance by predicting that they will still have a full head of hair in old age. The program devised by German scientists asks users about their age, marital status, occupation, where they live, what their current hairline is, hair loss in their family and their stress levels.

More and more men value full hair but especially younger men. They are looking for a partner and very conscious about their looks. They are at the peak of their social lives and concerned about being accepted within their social groups. Young men also get concerned that if they lose their hair, they will cease to be attractive to others whereas older men don't care so much.


Genetic predisposition is by far the most common cause of baldness. But other factors include severe, long-term emotional stress, perhaps associated with a divorce or the loss of a close relative. A poor diet can fail to provide the hair with sufficient nutrients and men who wear headgear in call centers or helmets on construction sites motorbikes may be putting their hair roots at risk of being pulled out or losing density.

More than half a million German men used it within ten days of it being unveiled there and three million men have tried it out globally so far. The male baldness calculator aims to raise awareness among men.

Story first published: Monday, June 29, 2009, 14:34 [IST]
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