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5 Alarming Underarm Mistakes You Need To Stop Making RN

Sleeveless dresses are our first choice when in the mood for a dazzling time. The off-shoulder and sleeveless tops and dresses have a certain charm to them and the summer and monsoon season are the perfect excuse to flaunt these beauties. But, are you ready to flaunt your underarms in your favourite sleeveless attires?

Most of us are conscious of our underarms and mostly can be attributed to the attention or lack of it that we pay to this particular part of our body. And the mistakes we make while dealing with our underarms does not help us either. It is time we buckle up and correct these 5 alarming underarm mistakes. Here we go!


Not Exfoliating

We do not put enough effort to clean our underarms. Just soaping it lightly every day while we shower isn't enough. As our underarms are one of most sweat-prone areas of our body, the build of dead skin cells and grime is also more. Exfoliating your underarms is necessary. Use a gentle body scrub to exfoliate your underarms twice a week.


Taking Moisturising Lightly

Waxing, shaving and exfoliating can leave your underarms dry and dull. It is important to keep your underarms moisturised to keep it healthy and beautiful. And sweat is not to be confused with moisture. Apply a body lotion as a moisturiser to your underarms everyday after shower.

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Nobody likes a bush of hair in the underarms. And we like to take the shortest route to hairless underarms aka shaving. Shaving, however convenient, damages your underarms. The process of shaving is harsh on the sensitive skin of your underarms and makes your skin dry and sensitive. Your skin starts to react to products it did not before. So, instead of shaving try waxing your underarms.


Using Deodrants With Alcohol

Careless use of products is a huge reason for all our underarms problems. Apart from cleaning the underarms regularly, you need to keep a check on what you put on your underarms. Deodorants with high alcohol content are the culprit here. Alcohol darkens the underarm skin, makes it extremely dry and often can cause irritation. So, keep away from the deodorants with high alcohol content and move towards alcohol-free products. Also, when spraying the deodorant make sure to keep at 15 cm distance.

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Not Having A Proper Underarm Care Routine

Beautiful underarms aren't a one-day job. You have to work towards it constantly. That means you need to develop a proper underarm care routine. Yes, the skincare routine doesn't limit to your face only. You need to commit yourself to a nourishing underarm routine. Don't worry, you do not need to do anything extensive. Follow the CTM routine for your underarms as well and throw in exfoliation twice a week and you are good to go.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 21:05 [IST]
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