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    Common Showering Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Showering is one of the important daily routine that we all practice. A good shower not only helps in remaining fresh physically but also plays an important role in relaxing our minds. But have you ever thought there are certain mistakes that you commit while bathing?

    These mistakes can lead us to serious health issues. So, it is always better to keep some points or tips in mind, the next time you take a shower.

    how often should you wash your hair

    How often should you wash your hair? Is using soap harmful for skin? These are some questions all of us generally have in our mind. But, is there really some tips to be followed while bathing?

    Well the answer is definitely a yes. And if you are not aware of it by this time, do not worry. This article will give you a complete guide on certain mistakes that you were making in your regular bathing routine and also some tips to take care of while bathing.

    So, the next time you take a bath, keep these points in mind, so that you do not go wrong anywhere.

    Here are some bathing tips you can follow, so that you do not make any mistake the next time. Read on!

    Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

    Yes, it's a myth that washing your hair every day would make your hair cleaner and healthier. But it's a misinterpretation. Washing your hair does make your hair cleaner but not every day. In fact, washing your hair every day will lead to making your scalp more oily. So, it's better to wash it thrice a week maximum for healthy tresses.

    Not Washing Your Bathing Puffs And Towels

    After all, we all take a bath for maintaining hygiene. It's not only our body that should remain hygienic and clean, but it should also be the things we use for it. All of us use puffs, loofas, etc., which we often forget to take care of. Cleaning all your puffs and other bathing accessories on a regular basis is very important. Cleaning them regularly will help to prevent any kind of fungus and bacteria that can cause serious health issues.

    Remember Not To Dry Off Vigorously

    The habit of drying off with the towel vigorously, right after bathing, can cause damage to the skin. This leads to making our skin more dry, since the towel used is also dry. Gently remove excess water from your body using a soft towel, so that it is not harsh on the skin.

    Don't Exfoliate Your Skin Every Day

    Exfoliation helps in circulation of the blood. This makes our skin smoother and brighter. Scrubbing your face or body every day can make the skin oilier and will also increase bacteria. So, it is not recommended to scrub your skin every day. Therefore, do this just twice or thrice in a week.

    Apply Moisturizer After The Shower

    Most of us have the habit of applying a moisturizer before going to bed. However, this is not the correct time to use it. Make sure that you moisturize your skin right after bathing, this will help in keeping your skin hydrated for a long time.

    Standing In The Shower For Too Long

    Standing under the shower for too long is something that all of us love. After a long tiring day, bathing gives us relaxation for both the mind and body. But according to certain experts, there's a high chance of serious health issues if you stand under the shower for more than 10 minutes. Even though it is tempting enough to stand under the shower for long, make sure that you refrain from it.

    Hot Water Bath

    The essential oils from our body can get washed off if you have regular hot water bath. This leaves our body dry. It also opens our skin pores due to which it can lead to further problems. The skin tends to get itchy and red if you bath regularly in water that is too hot. In order to avoid the above issues, you can use lukewarm water while taking a bath.

    Do Not Use Too Much Soap

    Who wouldn't love to remain fresh and smell good all day long? Due to this, we tend to use more than the required amount of soap in a day. Soaps can alter our skin's pH balance when used regularly, since they are made of chemicals. So, it is advisable to either use natural, chemical-free soaps or reduce the amount of soap you use.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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