Tricks To Make Your Legs Look Sexy

By: Rima Chowdhury

Each girl out there would crave to have beautiful and sexy-looking legs. If you want your legs to grab all the attention and look flawless every time, then this article is just for you.

If you are excited to flaunt your perfectly toned legs from short skirts, thigh-high slit dresses or shorts, scroll down to know more on the tips to get sexy legs.


1. You Need To Tone Them

Before you showcase your not-so-toned legs, make sure you tone them well with the help of exercises. Exercise is extremely good for our body and in getting toned legs. Performing exercises for the lower body will not only tone your legs, but also give you wonderfully defined calves. There are many types of exercises that can help you to tone your legs, so go on and start following one.


2. Go For A Close Shave

If you want beautiful-looking legs, you should insist on the close shave. A close shave is absolutely simple but isn't so easy to achieve. The best way to get a close shave is to not settle by using a razor or machine. Using razor or using hair removing machines can be tempting, but these devices fail to give you a close shave. To get a closer shave go for waxing and avoid using razors frequently.


3. Deal With Razor Bumps Properly

If you are opting for razors to remove hair, you will need to deal with razor bumps and burns. The most fortunate and best solution to treat these razor bumps after shaving is to use aloe vera gel or shaving cream. Perhaps, in spite of efforts if you are left with bumps and burns on the skin, you will need to deal with them in the most polite way. Soothe your legs with some aloe vera gel or coconut oil.


4. Use More Of Lotions

Lotions work as a magic potion when it comes to grabbing attention with the legs. Applying lots of lotion can make your skin shine naturally and also make it smell divine. Regular application of lotion makes your leg feel wonderful and also make them look silky smooth and divine.


5. Give A Massage With Baby Oil

Let baby oil add some shine and sheen to your legs. A bit of baby oil will go far in giving your legs the smooth and magical touch. It soothes your legs and also adds a beautiful shine on to your legs. Massaging your legs with baby oil can help them look gorgeous and sexy instantly. Also, it can prevent the appearance of any marks on the legs


6. Don’t Forget High Heels

High heels are for your legs what mascara is for your lashes. Showing legs wearing high heels is the best way to impress others with your legs. High heels can make your legs appear hot and also divert all the attention to your perfectly toned legs. You don't have to wear stilettos though! A comfortable pair of heels or wedges is fine!

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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