Answers To 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions That Women Want To Know

Googling beauty questions is not a matter to hide. All men and women do that because some beauty questions are very personal and we are not comfortable discussing them with the others.

Considering this trend of Googling beauty-related queries and questions, here is a list of ten of the most common Googled beauty questions from all parts of the world.

common beauty questions

Not that these questions are very difficult to answer, yet they are being Googled, as women are conscious and concerned about their beauty requirements.

Here are the answers to ten most Googled beauty-related questions in simple words, so that you don't get confused on these from the next time on.

Answer: Skin Tests

The most scientific way to know your skin type is, going for a medical skin test.

Skin test can also be done at home using a primitive method that includes the use of a blotting paper. Stick the blotting paper to different areas of your skin and then hold it under a light. If there is a lot of oil, you have oily skin and if it's less oil, then you have dry skin. Don't get surprised if your cheeks are dry, while the nose is oily.

The last home skin test that you can go for is, cleansing your face and observing it after an hour. If after an hour your face has oil and sebum all over, then you have oily skin. If there is no change, then you have dry skin. If your nose and forehead turn a little shiny in the time gap, then you have normal skin.

Answer: Change Your Lifestyle!

Ladies often buy a lot of cosmetics like powder, foundation and so on, expecting they will give you fair skin. This is wrong. To get fair skin, living a healthy life is important. The necessities are ample drinking of water, having fruits and juices, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising. To this, some women add home remedies to get fair skin, in order to make the process faster.

Answer: Take Care Of It!

Being harsh and rude to your hair all day long and then Googling how to grow hair fast makes no sense. To grow your hair, ensure you provide your hair a good nourishment and protect it from natural calamities. Also, when trying any hair growing strategy, you need to be patient. Hair growth is not a one-day phenomenon. Some women, during the hair growing days, stop trimming their hair. But note, timely hair trimmings can actually contribute to hair growth.

Answer: At Your Own Risk.

Not that every person who tattooed the skin ended up having skin problems. But again, a significant portion complain that doing a permanent tattoo actually accelerated their skin problems. So, whether to do a tattoo or not, considering what the after-effect will be, is a personal choice. If you want to go completely safe, then don't do it. If you really want to do it, then do it but make sure you pick a good tattoo parlour and an artist who does not damage your skin while doing the tattoo.

Answer: Practice It Before The D-day.

Well, no woman can master the art of applying a concealer on day one. It also depends on the kind of concealer she is using. Concealers are most importantly not a must buy for all women. Women who suffer from marks or spots on skin must own a concealer. Before buying a concealer, do cross check that if it is at par with your skin tone and caters to your purpose. Concealers come in many varieties, which you must research before buying.

Answer: Depends On The Body Part.

There is no one method to remove body hair. Also, there are many ways to remove body hair. Which method you would like to remove body hair depends on your skin type and also, the intensity of the hair growth. While for the eyebrows, threading or tweaking works; for the hands or legs, it is waxing. In case you are planning for laser hair removal, do pick a good and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Answer: Based On The Condition Of Your Hair.

Just because your roommate shampoos twice a week, you don't need to follow it. Shampoo should be done when the hair and scalp become dirty. Equal break between every shampoo session contributes in maintaining good hair. Ensure along with shampoo, you use other hair care products like oil, conditioner, volumizer and so on. Some freak out on hearing everyday hair shampoo, but if your hair gets really clumsy every day, then there is no harm in going for an everyday shampoo session. So, first check the present status of your hair and then take a call on how often to shampoo it.

Answer: Treat It At Home.

Among the most Googled questions related to beauty, eye bags is a common worry among women. If you are getting eye bags, then you can treat it at home with simple remedies like cucumber, potato, ice or altering your sleeping schedule. Do not try anything harsh on eye bags, as it can directly affect your eyes. If the problem of eye bags persists long, do visit a dermatologist.

Answer: Learn It Online.

All through the web, there are so many coverages regarding how to do smokey eyes. Just follow one among them step by step and you will do the perfect smokey eyes. In case you combine two approaches of doing smokey eyes, the result might not be pleasing. When doing smokey eyes, use only ophthalmologically tested eye cosmetics that do not affect your eyes.

Answer: Start Taking Care From An Early Stage.

Wrinkle-free skin is possible only if you start your attempt right after the 30s. If you wait for wrinkles to really happen and then want to get rid of the wrinkles, then you are on the wrong track. The first symptom of wrinkle is fine line on the forehead. Over the web, there are many home remedies that tell you how to get wrinkle-free skin, which you have to patiently follow, in order to see a change.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 16:25 [IST]
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