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Is Your Bra Responsible For Saggy Breasts?

By Rima Chowdhury

If you are a woman who loves to keep yourself updated about the latest events, you might have already heard about the National No Bra Day. No bra day is a national event which is widely celebrated on 13th October, with lakhs of women participating enthusiastically.

National no bra day is celebrated to spread awareness and prevent cancer in women. So the question that one may often have is, is a bra contributing towards a woman's health? Do bras cause breasts to sag?

A bra is an essential component that a woman wears to uphold her breast at a place firmly. There is a popular myth that your bra is responsible behind the sagginess of the skin.

According to a French scientist and researcher, it was concluded that women who wore bras did not develop muscles, which would help to keep their breasts firm, naturally. However, women who ditched wearing bras had firm breasts. So, the idea that bras can prevent sagginess was negated aftee this research.

On the contrary, it was found that breasts could sag and the reason for the same was wearing of bras throughout. That's not all, they not only have an effect on the breasts, but also lead to shoulder and neck pain, if they are of the wrong size.

Wearing a well-fitted bra can definitely help you to keep your bosoms look firm and attractive, but on the other side, it is leaving you with a stooped posture.

Wearing a synthetic or non-breathable fabric can be very harmful, as it may not let the sweat to be absorbed easily and thereby accumulate and create an ideal environment for the bacteria to thrive in.

So, finally it was concluded that not wearing bras will not cause the breasts to sag and it should be followed often to improve air circulation in the area. Also, here are other ways on how to prevent the breasts from sagging.


1. Drink Ample Amount Of Water

Drinking water can avoid the breasts from sagging and also give you a glowing skin. It can flush out the accumulated toxins in the body and avoid the skin from wrinkling early.


2. Quit Smoking For Good

You should give up on smoking because it can lead to the sagging of skin and lead to untimely signs of ageing of the skin. Smoking along with drinking alcohol has a vast effect on your skin and hence you should avoid these unwanted and hazardous activities.


3. Save Your Skin From The Sun Exposure

Make sure you apply sunscreen not just on your hands but also on the breasts. It helps keep the area protected from the harmful rays of the sun on exposure and therefore helps prevent early ageing signs.


4. Exercise On A Daily Basis

Dedicate sometime in doing core exercises that would concentrate more on shaping up your breasts, leading them to be firm and toned. Pick the best exercises that could help you get the desired shape as per your body type. This can vastly prevent the sagging of the breasts.

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