Cocoa Butter: All You Need This Winter

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The winter usually brings along with it really dry and painful skin. But there is a very, very simple cure for this. Cocoa butter is indeed all you need this winter! Cocoa butter works wonders for skin that is extremely dry.

We think that no one, no matter what your skin type, can escape from dry skin during the winters. Yes, even people who have oily skin on their faces can have dry skin on the body.

This happens because the skin on the body does not secrete as much oil as the skin on the face does. Especially during winters, you would need to take stringent amounts of care for your skin, so that it does not become painful and dry. If you are still wondering why cocoa butter is all you need for winter, continue reading.

Dry skin, if left dry for too long, can start to flake and become red and painful. To avoid this, you must use a moisturiser.

But not to worry, if your skin is indeed starting to flake, then cocoa butter can come to the rescue, as it can help even the driest of skins get healed. So, here's why cocoa butter is all you need this winter.


1. For Perfect Moisturisation:

It is one of the strongest and toughest moisturisers out there. It helps moisturise the driest of skins because it is really rich in fatty acids.


2. For That Shine:

That enviable shine you see on the skins of celebrities is absolutely achievable with the help of this one ingredient. Just rub some cocoa butter all over your skin, specifically your legs. This will not only hydrate your skin but also give it that shine.


3. To Control Skin Damage:

It helps repair the worst kinds of skin damage. Even if you have really painful and flaky skin, cocoa butter can help reverse that.


4. For A Relaxing Massage:

Massaging the skin helps improve blood circulation, which improves the texture of the skin. Because of its thick texture, cocoa butter can be used for relaxing massages.


5. For That Ultimate Fragrance:

No one can dislike that amazing chocolate aroma that comes from cocoa butter, given the fact that it hydrates your skin so well, and you get to smell yummy all day long, why wouldn't you want it?


6. To Treat Early Ageing Signs:

Another lesser known fact is that adding more moisture to your skin can actually slow down the early ageing process. So, load up on the cocoa butter to treat dry skin for good!

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