12 Ways To Include Cornstarch In Your Beauty Routine

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Cornstarch is one among the most common ingredients, which is found in every Indian kitchen. Here we list the various beauty uses of cornstarch powder.

If not in the kitchen, cornstarch is readily available in the market and is one among the cheap products that can be used to enhance the beauty of a person.

Although cornstarch is used to prepare food, here are a few other uses of cornstarch for beauty purposes as well. Check these 12 beauty uses of cornstarch, which are as listed below.


1. As A Dry Shampoo

During a trip, most of us deal with sticky hair and scalp, which is actually irritating. It is almost impossible to wash our hair with shampoo while traveling and, at such times, cornstarch can work as a dry shampoo. Cornstarch is a natural dry shampoo that helps to soak up the oil and it avoids the scalp from getting sticky. Take some cornstarch and dab it on the scalp and comb roughly.


2. As A Cleansing Powder

Cornstarch can also work as an excellent cleansing powder. Slightly dampen your face and then take a small amount of cornstarch and massage for five minutes. Massage the mixture in a circular motion and rinse off using lukewarm water after a few minutes. Cornstarch is one of the best natural cleansers you can use.


3. As A Mattified Lipstick

Many women prefer applying matte lipstick rather than a sticky or glossy one. So, if you want to mattify your lipstick, apply some lipstick and dip your finger in cornstarch. Now pat the finger on the lips and repeat until you get a good matte finish.


4. For Final Touch Up

Cornstarch can be used as a final touch powder. Once you are done with application of makeup, use some cornstarch to give a final touch up. Cornstarch helps to set the makeup properly and the cornstarch helps to absorb the oil nicely as well.


5. As A Deodorant

If you want to avoid using chemical-based deodorants, cornstarch can help keep you dry and fresh all the day long. After taking a shower, take some cornstarch and apply it on your underarms. You can also apply it on the areas which tend to get wet and stinky soon.


6. To Treat The Problem Of Sweaty Shoes

Carrying sweaty and stinky feet everywhere is really an embarrassing situation. If you are the one who suffers from stinky feet, cornstarch is there to save you. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the feet and shoes; and wear it after some time. Cornstarch can help absorb all the perspiration, thus avoiding the feet to stink more.


7. To Treat Sunburn

Using cornstarch over sunburn is one among the best home remedies to treat sunburned skin. Take some cornstarch and make a paste of it by adding a small amount of water. Now, allow it to dry for sometime and then cleanse with cold water.


8. For That Matte Nail Polish Look

If you love the matte-finish effect, cornstarch is there to always help you. You can make your own matte-finish nail paint using cornstarch. Mix some cornstarch with regular nail paint on a small plate and then apply it on to your nails.


9. To Treat Rashes Under Breast

Many woman experience rashes under the breast; and if you are the one who is suffering from itching and red rashes under the breast, make use of cornstarch. Take some cornstarch and apply it on the rashes under the breast. Cornstarch can help to keep the skin dry and also discourage the fungus from growing in.


10. To Treat Oily Skin Effectively

Cornstarch can help to treat oily skin, as it helps to absorb the excess oil that is accumulated on the face. You should dust a small amount of cornstarch on the face and neck, as it helps to absorb the oil and make the skin look flawless every time.


11. As A Scented Body Powder

You can make a scented body powder by using cornstarch. Scented body powder is an alternative to perfume. Take some cornstarch and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Now, mix this well and apply it on your underarms. This homemade scented body powder will help to keep you smelling fresh and also soak the sweat.


12. To Treat Burns

Cornstarch can also be used to treat burns on the skin. Take one spoon of starch and one spoon of baking soda in a mug. Add some water and make a thick paste out of it. Dip a soft cloth in this mixture and then apply it on the area with burns.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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