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Things You Need To Know About Waxing!

By: Rima Chowdhury

Now 80 per cent of the women opt for waxing, as it is one among the effective and effortless ways to remove hair from the body.


Waxing can be painful during the initial times, but it ensures to keep your skin safe and removes the hair follicles from the roots.

Contrary to the belief that waxing is all about hot honey on the skin, there are lots of varieties of wax treatments that are available in the market. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of their own, here we introduce to you different types of waxing treatments along with their pros and cons.

1. Hot Waxing


Hot waxing is one among the modern and famous kinds of waxing that every woman easily opts for. In hot waxing, the sugar or beeswax is heated and then applied on to the skin. A strip of muslin cloth is used to remove the wax, which helps to pull out the hair from that area. Pulling the muslin strip in an opposite direction is much more effective than pulling it in a straight way.

Advantages Of Hot Waxing

- It helps to remove the hair from roots
- The results are better than rest of the waxing methods

- If your expert is not careful, then there are chances of getting skin burns
- It may be really painful for some
- It is a messy process

2. Hard Waxing

hard waxing

Hard waxing is similar to hot waxing, where the wax is melted and then applied on to the skin. However, in hard waxing, the wax is allowed to remain on the skin to become hard and then, it is pulled out using fingers. This is because hard wax does not stick to your skin and pulls out the hair easily.

Advantages Of Hard Waxing

- It is a very clean process
- It is not painful
- Gives you a long-lasting smooth skin


- May lead to allergies
- Some may experience red bumps

3. Soft Waxing

soft waxing

In soft waxing, you will be using a strip wax, which is easily available in the market. You can get it from the market, and it is generally in the consistency of honey, which can be spread all over your skin in a thin layer. Then, cover the part with a muslin cloth and wait for some time. Pull off the strip in the opposite direction to get rid of the hair easily.

Advantages Of Soft Waxing

- It is good for broader and longer areas
- Gives you soft and smooth skin


- Sometimes it may give side effects

4. Cold Waxing

cold waxing

Cold waxing is a relatively cleaner waxing technique than the rest that are mentiond above. A semi-solid form of wax is used. The wax is applied on the strip and then the strip is rubbed and pressed against the skin. The strip is pushed in the upward direction and then pulled off in the opposite direction.

Advantage Of Cold Waxing

- It is less painful than the others
- Clean waxing and no messy business
- It is very easy to be done
- Cold wax strips are available in different forms that suit different areas of the skin.


- Most of the women don't prefer this method because the results are not as good as hot waxing
- In order to achieve best results, the process needs to be repeated.
- Sometimes, the ingrown hair follicles also do not get removed.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 27, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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