Take Care Of Your Foot This Summer

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Summer is near and it comes with several problems. You can’t go out in the sun without sunscreen. Sweating is another problem that gives you oily skin, body odor, pimples and acne and what not.

You may prefer to wear covered shoes to avoid tanning at feet.But, how can you get rid of sweating that happens due to covered shoes?

Moreover, there are many people who suffer from cracked heel throughout the year. All you need is proper tips about taking care of your foot this summer.

You definitely don’t want to wear covered shoes always in summer. Why coloured and funky flip-flops and sandals are in market then?

Show your beautiful feet by maintaining certain ways to take care of your foot this summer.It happens to many people that they don’t think to take special care about their foot. But, you have to agree that your feet faces the most challenges every day.

Those get bruises, cuts, broken nails and many more hazards. Taking care of your foot this summer will give you beautiful and healthy feet within no time.


Exfoliation is Must

This is the best way to remove dead skin cells and dust from your feet. You can buy herbal foot scrubber from market or use homemade foot scrubber with lemon and sugar. This process will make your feet soft and smooth.


Use Pumice Stone

This is one of the best ways to take care of your foot this summer. A pumice stone can remove dead skin from the much rough areas of your feet like the toes or heels. Use every alternative day to get soft feet at home.


Ice Therapy

Taking care of your foot this summer can be more relieving with ice. In case you have sore feet, avoid hot water. After a long tiring week, ice therapy can soothe your numb feet and by constricting blood vessels, this will give you relief.


Moisturize Your Feet

If you've a problem of dry feet, you've to moisturize it regularly, especially the dry and thick skin of your heels. Apply moisturizer immediately after having bath. Try to use one with SPF so that it will protect from sun tan. Don't forget to apply moisturizer every day before going to bed.


Take a Foot Rub

Maybe this is a tip for taking care of your foot this summer, but you can follow it throughout the year. Take a tennis ball and roll it all over your foot. Concentrate more on the tenser area. Take deep breath to relax your muscles and oxygenate your body.


Avoid High Heels

Stilettos look sexy but the heels' height changes the normal system of your foot. Due to more height, the balls of your feet get the maximum pressure and that can be dangerous for them. Try to wear flat sandals. If you like to wear heels a lot, go for kitten or platform heels.


Have a Balanced Diet

Taking care of your foot this summer depends on your diet. There are some foods which make your feet bloat. Avoid packaged foods as those have concentrated salt. Too much sugar can cause puffiness at your feet. Vegetables and fruits should be in your diet in large portion.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 20:02 [IST]
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