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7 Things That Happen When You Stop Using Nail Polish

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A woman's nail is her best friend, as she gets a chance to deck it in whichever way that she wants to. Biting the nails is one of the dirtiest habits that anyone can have, as you are not only allowing your fingers to smell of saliva, but you are also ingesting bacteria and germs that are thriving under the nail bed.

If you have the habit of biting your finger nails, it is time to stop it! The other habit most women have is applying a nail polish to cover-up their lovely nails. According to experts, application of nail polish without giving your nail the time to breathe is unhealthy.

Sources state that once in a while you should leave your nails to breathe without applying a nail paint on them. On the other hand, do you know what happens to your nails when you let go of the colouring habit. Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the many things that happen to your nails as soon as you decide to stop applying a nail polish.

In technicality, a nail polish does more harm to your nails than doing good. Take a look at how you can benefit from letting go of a nail polish:


Say Hello To Stronger Nails:

Regular application of a nail polish can make your nails more prone to peeling and splitting. If you want your nails to stay healthy, it is best to remove the nail polish and allow the nail bed to breathe.


No More Stained Nails:

Nail polishes have the tendency to stain the nail surface, and this stain takes a long time to ward off. To avoid this stain, saying no to a nail polish is ideally the best beauty tip to keep in mind.


Good-bye To White Patchy Nails:

Say goodbye to white patchy nails, by saying no to a nail polish. The chemicals present in a nail polish have the tendency to make your nails look patchy.


No More Chemical Nails:

Chemicals that are present in a nail polish can even reach into the nail, and it can even refrain from letting your nail bed breathe. The chemicals are so strong that it is even possible for the nail to die and peel off from the skin itself.


Your Nails Get Back Their Shine:

Natural shine on the nails is beautiful; and not many women are blessed with a natural nail shine, this is due to the multiple nail polishes that women apply on the nail in order for it to look stunning. Relish in a manicure and pedicure once in three weeks to pamper your nails and get back that natural shine.


You Will Learn More About Your Health:

Did you know that the nails can tell a lot about your health? It is said that looking at the condition of your nails, you will be able to tell if you're healthy or not. So, take a look at your nails and decide for yourself.


They Will Look More Beautiful:

Your nails have a beauty of their own; therefore, experts advise that going without a nail polish can actually be an attraction and, on the other hand, the nude look can be quite appealing too.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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