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Say Bye-Bye To Those Sweaty Armpits Now!

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If you wish to prevent sweaty armpits, you may be so desperate that you'd try anything.

What if you find a natural remedy that actually works? Here are a few ideas. Ensure that you shower on a regular basis, at least each morning and wear garments made of natural fibres that are loose fitting.

Clothes that are black or white in colour are generally the best for concealing underarm sweat.

remedies for sweaty armpits

Rather than just using an antiperspirant in the early hours, re-apply it throughout the day to maintain its affect. If re-using does not work, you could try a high-power antiperspirant.

Most powerful antiperspirants have a high percentage of aluminium chloride to be effective, but you will find natural options in this article that will work equally as well, without the aluminium chloride.

remedies for sweaty armpits

What is in your diet can additionally be a cause of extreme underarm sweating. If you are a fan of spicy foods, caffeine as well as chocolate, you may have to try cutting down on these to see if it enhances your problem.

You may even try swapping to other meals that are said to help in controlling excessive sweating.

remedies for sweaty armpits

Excessive sweating could be connected to the amount of toxins and waste within your body, so any meals that help flush these out might help. The fibre and vitamins found in fruits, veggies and whole grain foods will assist your body in getting rid of the waste.

Eating more healthily will not only help you with your hyperhidrosis; however, it will make you feel far healthy, which can improve assurance and can cut down on sweating, especially if you're a nervous sweater.

remedies for sweaty armpits

If you do sweat because of tension, foods that help you unwind like chamomile tea can also be included, as it has a positive effect on your underarm sweating.

If you mix two tsp of raw natural honey with two tsp of non-acidic apple cider vinegar and try drinking this 3 times in a day before eating anything, it can yield great results for you.

remedies for sweaty armpits

Or you might take some sage leaves and boil them up in water for about ten minutes and consume this in the early hours to help solve the concern, and perhaps once more throughout the day. You could try adding sage to the other foods you eat too.

Specific types of exercises are believed to help stop excessive sweating. If you perspire a lot due to nervousness, you may like to try yoga to assist you in relaxing yourself.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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