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Natural Remedies For Stretch Marks On Breasts

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Stretch marks happen when there is tugging or stretching of the skin, which makes the middle layer of the skin, or the dermis, crack or tear up. They are often grey, purple or red in colour, but with time they fade to a silvery colour. They have a different texture than the skin and mostly seem like ridges or indentations on the skin.

Stretch marks occur for many reasons, like growth spurts during puberty, stretching of the belly during pregnancy or even rapid weight gain or loss. Sometimes, being on birth control pills could lead to the excessive weight gain, which could in turn, cause stretch marks.

Now, we know there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have stretch marks, but they can be very wounding to a woman's confidence. There is no specific location for stretch marks to happen, but the most common areas would be the stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks and of course breasts.

A lot of women have stretch marks on the breasts, possibly due to hormonal changes or due to pregnancy. Here's a list of natural ways you could slowly fade away those marks.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Aloe Vera Gel- This is one of the most effective treatments for stretch marks. Aloe vera is known to soothe and heal the skin. This could be good for stretch marks that itch. You could rub aloe vera gel on the area till it gets absorbed, or mix the oils from a few vitamin E capsules and use the mixture till it's absorbed.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Vitamin A Capsules- Vitamin A is present in a lot of anti wrinkle creams and is known to fade scars and marks. Just burst a few capsules and squeeze out the oil from them. Use this oil directly on the areas where there are stretch marks.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Potatoes- Rub slices of potatoes on the area and let the juice get absorbed by the skin. Wash off once it dries. Potatoes contain minerals and vitamins that help with restoration of skin cells.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Lemon juice- Lemon juice is used for fading away acne and pimple scars because its acidic content makes it a great bleaching agent. This factor helps fade away stretch marks and scars as well.
Vitamin E oil- Vitamin E is extremely good for the skin. Taking vitamin E supplements can actually decrease acne and other spots. So applying the oil topically can also be beneficial as the skin absorbs the oil quite easily.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Sugar- A sugar scrub made out of any vegetable oil and sugar and lemon juice can gently exfoliate the skin of the area making sure that the skin there remains soft and doesn't break from underneath.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Coconut oil- Coconut oil is one of the most absorbent of all vegetable oils and can penetrate deep into the skin. Massaging coconut oil daily can help fade away the scars and stretch marks really quickly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 11:57 [IST]
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