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Shower Mistakes You Could Be Making That Are Ruining Your Skin

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People take showers every day. But did you know that sometimes you could make mistakes in the shower that could be ruining your skin? Yes, some basic mistakes in the shower actually are bad for your skin.

Some mistakes in the shower happen without us really realising that we are making those mistakes. It is mostly because we are so used to an everyday shower routine that we don't really understand which part is good and which is bad.

What we don't realise is that these little mistakes could be making a hell lot of a difference in the way our skin looks.

So, read this post to find out more about the mistakes you are making unknowingly; and never repeat them. These are all very easy-to-follow steps that you wouldn't have any trouble remembering. Of course, like all beauty habits, these would take some time to follow and get used to.

But, once you do get used to them, they would be like second nature to you. So, here are the mistakes to avoid in the shower.

1. Water Too Hot: Water that is too hot can actually increase your chances of hair fall and dandruff. It is best to use lukewarm water to shower.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,

2. Comb: Always comb your hair before you hit the shower because this reduces chances of breakage and hair fall. Since the hair is so sensitive when it is wet, any amount of tugging can lead to more hair breakage.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,

3. Last Rinse: Always make sure that the last rinse is with cold water to help seal your hair follicles at the root.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,

1. Hot Water: Hot water can be really drying for the skin, even though it feels good at that moment. This is only true for the skin on the body.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,

2. Not scrubbing: Did you think that you need to scrub only your face? Dead skin is a problem that is faced by both the skin on face and on the body, and it is an absolute must to remember to exfoliate the body skin as well.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,

3. Oil: Always use an in-shower oil before using a shower gel because the shower gel on its own can be really drying for your skin.

 shower mistakes that are ruining your skin,
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Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2016, 13:12 [IST]
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