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8 Ways To Shrink Your Pores In A Jiffy

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It is a natural thing that we all need our pores. It is an important requirement because without our pores we will be unable to sweat it out and eliminate the excess oils from the body.

If you think your pores are way too big, there is excess oil and if it makes you look shabby and uncomfortable, there are always positive ways for you to shrink your pores in the most natural way.

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During the summer season, large pores make the body produce more sweat, and this can make you feel quite sticky.

If you are enable to control the excessive sweating, then you need to control and shrink the pores immediately.

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On the other hand, you must also turn to only home remedies when it comes to pampering and looking after the skin. Home remedies are much more effective and they work miraculously on the skin as well.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? It is now time to shrink your pores naturally and feel great in your skin. Take a look at these 8 ways to reduce the size of that pore:



Ice shrinks your pores much faster than any other home remedy. Alongside, it also helps to cool your skin, allowing your pores to breathe in the hot season. Gently massage your face with some ice cubes for at least 10 minutes. This treatment will help to make your pores shrink.



Yoghurt contains probiotics and lactic-acid bacteria, which are two powerful elements in protecting your skin. Yoghurt acts as a cleanser and thus helps to shrink the pores, removing the dirt and grime hidden beneath the skin.


Baking Soda:

Baking soda will balance the pH of your skin and help to shrink the pores automatically. In a bowl, add a little baking soda and a dash of water. Mix the ingredients to form a paste. Apply the paste on to your skin and when dry, rinse it. Baking soda will also help to improve the complexion, but don't let the paste be too long on your skin.


Egg White:

One egg white is added to a bowl and the juice of one lemon is added to the egg white. Whisk the two ingredients and apply the mixture on to the skin. The egg will tighten the skin, whereas the lemon will remove and get rid of the dirty clogged face.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

To keep off and regulate the pH balance, rinse your face with some fresh apple cider vinegar, which has potent antimicrobial properties. This powerful home treatment will enable your skin to glow naturally and beautifully.


Cucumber Juice:

To refreshen your skin in the summer, reach out to cucumber juice and let your skin rejuvenate itself. Cucumber juice is a natural astringent that shrinks open pores.


Clay Mask:

Did you know that clay masks can get rid of all the skin problems? Clay mask has the ability to absorb impurities from fats and oils to shrink the pores. In a bowl, you can add some clay along with little rose water to make a very effective clay mask to shrink your pores.


Sugar & Lemon Scrub:

To exfoliate the skin and get rid of the blackheads along with the pores, you should rinse your face every day with the combination of lemon juice and sugar scrub.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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