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DIY: How To Get Perfectly Decorated Nails In Just A Few Minutes

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Nails are so much more than mere extensions of our hands. Our nails can depict our personality and our habits. All a person needs to do is to observe.

Short nails are a sign of a well-kept person, dirty nails might be a sign of a person who is extremely busy or hardworking. Manicured nails are a sign of a person who is meticulous in planning and execution.

Long, manicured nails look exemplary, especially with the addition of nail art. Nail art can be simple as drawing a few stripes on your nails. Nail art also can be as intricate and complicated as nail embellishments and rhinestones.

ways to get that perfect nails

The kind of nail art that you should opt for can depend on your individual style and choice, along with which accessories you have with you.

If you are a first-time nail-art enthusiast and would like to know the best way to get perfectly decorated nails in just a few minutes, then continue reading.

Yes, purchasing nail-art kits is indeed fun, but the following tips and tricks work wonderfully as well.

Things That You Will Need

  • Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Cotton Buds/Q-Tips
  • A Fine Nail Paint Brush
  • Blue Acrylic Paint
  • A Bowl of Chilled Water (Optional)
  • Rhinestones and Nail-Friendly Adhesive (Optional)
  • Toothpick (Optional)
ways to get that perfect nails

Method to Follow

1) Apply Petroleum Jelly on the skin around your nails. Make sure that the jelly is not applied on your nails for too long.

2) Apply the base coat on your nails. Allow the coat to dry for 10 minutes.

3) Apply the red nail polish, allow it to dry. Apply another coat and allow it to dry.

4) If you are in a rush for the nail polish to dry, then place your hand in the bowl of chilled water for 15 seconds at a time for a total of 2 minutes. Do not wipe your hands. Let the water dry naturally.

ways to get that perfect nails

5) Take the paint brush and dip it in the blue acrylic paint. Very slowly, create a pattern that you like. Suggestions include a V-shape at the extreme end of your nails, curvy swirls or slanting stripes. You can experiment with advanced patterns, once you are more confident and have experimented a few more times.

6) Once the acrylic paint has dried, apply small quantities of the nail-friendly adhesive on your nails. Use a toothpick to place the rhinestones on the desired place. Leave them to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

7) Apply the top coat. Allow the coat to naturally dry for 10 minutes.

8) After you are sure that the top coat has fully dried, take a Q-tip/cotton bud and wipe the petroleum jelly off your skin.

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Story first published: Monday, May 2, 2016, 21:15 [IST]
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