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Beauty Secrets From A Mother To Her Daughter

By Debdatta Mazumder

As soon as you reach your teenage, your mother becomes your best friend. She becomes the best guide of your life.

If there is someone who can understand the problems of a teenager girl, it is only her mother. From dealing with physical changes to mental instabilities. If your mother is beside you, you can easily pass the roller coaster ride of these years.

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While it comes to beauty tips, mums give the best tips to their daughter. They know what type of skin you have and what are the things that'll suit you the best.

So, these beauty secrets from a mother to her daughter are coming down from generations. Some beauty tips from a mother to her daughter may be as old as your great-grandmom; and these tips are really very effective.

If you have got certain mother-daughter beauty secrets, you may have seen that these mainly contain homemade ingredients in them.

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Beauty secrets from a mother to her daughter include simple, but very effective, tips. For example, teenage is the time of those irritating pimples showing up on your face. How to get rid of those?

Did you know about the miraculous impact of sandalwood paste on pimples? This is definitely one of the best beauty tips from a mother to her daughter.

Here are some more essential beauty secrets from a mother to her daughter. Read on to know more.


1. Don’t Put On Too Much Of Makeup:

Moms always give this idea to their daughters. Too much makeup can only damage your skin and it will look like you've worn a mask. Always keep it light. Your mother will teach you how to keep your makeup less.


2. Apply Sunscreen:

You are always in hurry. School, tuition, sports - you're running always. It is your mother who repeatedly reminds you to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. She also knows what SPF is appropriate for your skin. It is definitely one of the best beauty tips from a mother to her daughter.


3. Remove Your Makeup:

No matter how much tired you are, your mother definitely forces you to remove kohl from your eyes and other makeup that would've remained on your face. You may get angry at her, but if you ignore her, the cat eyes on the next morning will surely scare you.


4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day:

Your mom advises you not to wash your hair every day, right? This is because your scalp produces natural oil that can be washed off due to regular washing. This can enhance the pores to produce more oil and it will make your scalp and hair greasy.


5. Exfoliate Your Skin:

Dead cells and dust make a teenagers' skin awful. Exfoliation is the best way to have a naturally glowing skin. Ask your mom and she will give the best ideas about a natural scrubber that you can use, according to your skin type. Oats, gram flour, tomatoes, etc, are some of the beautiful natural scrubbers.


6. Lipstick And Kohl Are All:

While passing down the beauty secrets from a mother to daughter, this is the one that has been passed on from generations. Moms know their daughters will look fabulous in lipstick and kohl only. You don't need anything more to enhance your beauty.


7. Shave Your Underarms:

This is one of the vital beauty secrets that is passed on from a mother to her daughter. No matter you wear sleeveless dresses or dresses with long sleeves, your mother will definitely tell you to keep your underarms clean. Always listen to her and keep all the bacterial infections at bay.