Beauty Products That Are A Waste Of Money

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Sometimes, we just can't help splurging on our favourite beauty products. But, most of the times, do you really need those products? Some beauty products are actually a waste of money, believe it or not.

All of us get tempted into buying fancy things, especially if we see them in all sorts of fancy containers. And, sometimes, it is indeed inevitable because us girls tend to get tempted seeing pretty things.

And that is actually one of the strategies used by these merchandisers, pretty packaging is always eye-catching. Add to that pretty colours and amazing scents, and you would end up buying the products for sure.

But some of these products can be avoided, if you find natural options to replace them. So, the next time you get tempted by the pretty packaging, just remember this list and remember the amount of money you could end up saving by avoiding these products.

And here is a list of products that are a complete waste of money, and ways to replace them naturally.


1. Lip Scrub:

We see so many pretty lip scrubs in the markets in a range of flavours. We have seen them in amazing flavours like bubblegum and raspberry and these are obviously really tempting. But you can easily make a lip scrub at home using brown sugar and olive oil. This would work the same as a store-bought lip scrub.


2. Toner:

A toner is really important to bring back the pH level of the skin to normal after washing your face. But do you really need to buy a toner? Instead, you can just use rose water. It does the same job of a toner and costs a lot less.


3. Lip Balm:

This is actually the product that we end up wasting the most money on. With so many colours and flavours, it is really difficult to resist. But instead, you can use something like petroleum jelly or coconut oil, as they would both provide the same hydration.


4. Body Butter:

Body butters can provide you with more hydration than moisturisers do, but the natural option to using this is to use cocoa butter instead. It is much cheaper and is available in huge quantities.


5. Makeup Remover:

It is really important to remove your makeup every day before you go to bed, but do you really need to buy a makeup remover? You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup with a cotton ball instead.


6. Shaving Cream:

You don't need to buy a separate shaving cream if you shave your body. You can just use your regular shower gel or soap instead. Some people swear by using baby oil to shave with.


7. Anti-Stretch Mark Cream:

Over-the-counter stretch mark creams don't really work, as there is no way to actually get rid of stretch marks. They may fade to a lighter shade with time, but they never truly go away. Moisturise your skin instead with coconut oil.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 11:09 [IST]
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