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Tips To Make Bridal Mehndi Darker & Beautiful

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Mehendi has a very special significance when it comes to Indian weddings. In Indian marriages, mehendi is one of the most auspicious ingredients that is used to complete all the marriage festivities. Mehendi is applied on to the bride and groom, but mostly the former.

A day before the wedding, the women of the household gather the henna leaves, make a paste out of it and carve out beautiful designs on the palms of the bride-to-be. Though in some homes home-made mehendi is more common, there are some modern and busy people who opt for the ready-made cones.

When it comes to this traditional art, it is said that by applying mehendi during a wedding it is considered to be very auspicious. It is a symbol of prosperity and the bride is considered blessed if mehendi is put on her palms before the wedding.

On the other hand, it is also believed that darker the bride's mehendi is, the husband will love her more. Therefore, to enhance the colour of the mehendi on your palms, there are a handful of remedies that you can try out to increase the shade and colour. So, all you blushing brides, take a look at these tips to make bridal mehendi appear more darker:


Apply On Clean Palms

It is important to apply mehendi on palms that are clean. Wash your hands with water and soap and keep them free from sweat too. By doing so, the mehendi will stay on longer and will appear much darker.


Sugar + Lemon

The oldest tip to make bridal mehendi darker is by applying the juice of lemon and sugar mixture over the mehendi application. This mixture will make the hand sticky, preventing the mehendi from drying and falling off.


Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is an effective tip to try, if you want to make your mehendi appear darker overnight. You need to apply the warm oil, on the mehendi application, half an hour before you begin to peel it off.


Never Use Water

If you want your bridal mehendi to look dark and beautiful, never rinse the mehendi off your palms using water. It is suggested to peel it off or brush your palms together gently to remove it.


Avoid The Sun

Never sit under the sun when applying mehendi on your palms. The oil content from the mehendi may get absorbed by the sun and it will have no further effect on the skin.


Using Vicks To Increase The Colour

The best tip to make bridal mehendi look darker and beautiful is to apply a thin coat of vicks or iodex on the palms before going to bed. The vicks or balm will help to increase the colour of the henna significantly.


Gloves To The Rescue

After the application of vicks on the mehendi, wear on plastic transparent gloves. Keep the gloves on for the night. This simple tip will generate heat in the body, and thus help in enhancing the colour of the mehendi.


Polythene Trick

To get dark bridal mehendi, tie your hands with a polythene bag, especially before having a bath. This simple tip can help to make the bridal mehendi appear more darker and beautiful.

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