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Frightening Reasons Your Skin Is Breaking Out

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Acne breakouts are one of the nasty things that happen to all of us when we least expect it. It is so annoying because even if we use the best face wash, that expensive cream and a homemade face mask to pamper the skin, these little zits pop out from nowhere making the skin look so ugly.

Beauty experts explain many reasons why your skin is breaking out. It is said that women experience a more number of breakouts when compared to men, and this could be due to hormonal changes in the body.

When it comes to men and acne breakouts, the common reason for the problem is not following the right diet, lack of water and even living in an unhygienic surrounding. Acne breakouts can be controlled if you know the reason behind this skin problem. Therefore, Boldsky shares some of the reasons why your skin is breaking out.

Here is your chance to take a look at the many reasons why your skin is suddenly popping up with pimples and bright red spots.


Sleepless Nights

When you're under a lot of stress the body is unable to rest well at night. Having a regular pattern of sleepless nights will increase the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. This reacts with the skin causing acne breakouts.



Did you know there are some medications which hamper the skin? If you're having an adverse reaction on the skin in the form of acne and other skin problems, it is best to seek medical advice.



After working out, it is important to take a shower. Sweat gets settled in the pores which results in skin break outs. Washing and cleansing the body after a workout is mandatory.


Dirty Sheets

It is important to change the pillow cover and the bed sheet you sleep on thrice a month. By sleeping on dirty sheets, the oil and dirt from the hair gets in contact with the skin and thus causes the onset of acne.


That Spicy Food

Consuming too much of spicy food will lead to acne breakouts. Spicy food contains acidic lycopene- which is a major contributor of breakouts.


Nasty Hair Products

Oily hair is another reason why your skin is breaking out. On the other hand, hair products are to blame as their chemical ingredients combine with the sweat in the pores and cause acne.



All this while, we were told that toothpaste helps heal pimples and the scars. But, today, experts state toothpaste to be one of the many reasons your skin is breaking out into pimples. Frothy toothpaste should never fall on the chin and around the mouth. Make sure that toothpaste never leaves your mouth while brushing.


Your Mobile Phone

Every time you place your mobile phone on your face, the bacteria from the phone lodges itself on your skin. This is one of the many reasons your skin is breaking out. This bacteria usually affects those who have sensitive skin.

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Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 13:45 [IST]
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