Important Tips On Buying New Shoes

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It is rightly said that "give a lady the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world with it". Like Cinderella, a new pair of shoes always makes us feel awesome and gorgeous. However, a wrong pair, no matter how beautiful, will make us cry, as it may lead to our delicate feet getting hurt and sore.

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Another disappointment we usually face with a new pair of shoes is that they may either get smaller or larger in size after purchasing, even after trying it on a couple of times. Care and maintenance is also needed for your new pair of shoes. Otherwise they will look old and worn out in a short span of time.

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In this article, we will share with you some important tips on buying the right kind of new shoes and some other important shoe care tips. Here we will share with you tips to avoid smelly shoes, shoe bites, blisters on feet, etc. Select and wear your new shoes with comfort with these easy shoe hacks.

Have a look at some important shoe hacks and tricks.


Stretch New Shoes To Fit

A new pair of shoes can hurt your feet and cause blisters. Stretching a new pair of shoes makes it softer. You can make your new pair of shoes soft by placing a freezer bag filled with water in each one. Keep the shoes in the freezer overnight. Freezing of water inside the bag will cause the shoe to expand a little bit.


Try To Purchase It Afternoons

If you don't want to regret for the oversize of your new nice pair of shoes, try purchasing it during the noon. The reason behind it is that your feet get a bit swelled up during the day and when you try it on at that particular time chances are that it will be of the perfect size. Later when the swelling comes down, you may feel the size to be bigger than when you tried it on at the earlier part of the day.


Remove Scratch With Vaseline

If you got a scratch on your expensive leather shoe, you need not worry. Here is a simple tip to remove the scratch mark. Put some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and rub the scratch on your shoes with it and watch it disappear!


Use Sandpaper To Increase Grip

If you are planning on going for a disco or dance at your friend's wedding, you can increase the grip of your shoes by simply rubbing it with sandpaper. Use a sandpaper to rub the sole of your new shoes to increase its friction with the floor and prevent you from falling off.


Teabags For Bad Shoe Odour

If your shoes are giving a stinky smell, especially the gym shoes, put a used tea bag inside it to absorb all the bad smell. Keep the teabag inside the shoe overnight. The teabags will help absorb all the moisture from your shoes that causes sweat. Another tip for smelly shoe is to sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes before wearing them.


Use Nail Polish For Cleaning

Sneakers and tennis shoe get easily stained, ragged and scratched, which makes them look old and worn out. To make them look new, apply some nail polish remover over the rubber edges of the sole. This will mask the dirt and also the scratch marks.


Bread Crust To Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can't be cleaned by a wet cloth, as they may get damaged easily. An effective way to remove a scratch or stain from these kind of shoes is to use bread crust. Take the crust from a slice of bread and rub the inside of the crust against the mark on your shoes. It will clean off any marks and scratches without damaging the shoes.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 15, 2015, 8:02 [IST]
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