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8 Quick Beauty Tricks When Out Of Time

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Girls always take time to get get ready, well this is not the fault of girls but the long and hectic makeup techniques. All girls don't find it easy to use all the beauty or makeup techniques with ease especially when they are running short of time.

Common Beauty Fixes Every Girl Must Know

There must be some easy and quick beauty hacks for girls who are in haste. In this article, we will share with your easy beauty tricks or hacks. Even the celebrities need some beauty hacks as they always can't rely on time taking beauty method.

To fix your frizzy hair quickly, use mayonnaise before washing or a soft drink rinse after washing your hair. For dry and damaged skin, a simple hack is to use eye cream on your face as it gets penetrated in deeper layers of skin.

Beauty Tricks With Lemon

There are similar other simple beauty hacks mentioned in this article, have a look.


Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Instant Cleansing

This is a quick and natural way to get clear skin. Apple cider vinegar will keep your skin fresh, glowing and also heals acne. So avoid using those harsh chemical creams on your skin and replace them with apple cider vinegar.


For Bouncy Hair Use Soft Drink

Freshly washed hair may look raw, undone, dull, thin and frizzy. To add bounce, volume and glow to your hair, just rinse it with a soft drink after shampooing. This will give your hair a natural and tousled look.


Remove Makeup By Petroleum Jelly

This is one of the best and safe way to remove makeup. Rather than using a makeup remover, use a petroleum jelly. Put some jelly on a cotton swab and wipe your makeup. This will prevent wrinkles and also trapping of makeup residues into the fine lines.


For Instant Glowing Skin Use Eye Cream

A famous makeup artist Ashley Weatherford, uses eye cream on face as it is easily absorbed than any face cream or lotion. You can apply a small amount of eye cram on face to get soft, moisturised and glowing skin instantly.


Use Mayonnaise Before Hair Wash

To prevent the drying of hair after shower, apply some mayonnaise on your hair before wash and keep it for 10 minutes. This will keep your hair hydrated and moisturised when they dry after washing.


Coffee Grounds To Get Rid Of Cellulite

If you don't want to go for any surgery or laser treatment to remove the cellulites, then coffee grounds is a best treatment. Mix coffee grounds with any body lotion and massages on your skin. IT will scrub your skin and also increases blood flow. This will remove cellulite and give you a silky smooth skin.


Curl Your Lashes With A Spoon To Curl Your Lashes

Warm a metal spoon with a blow dryer and hold the spoon under your lashes for few minutes. Keep the oval or bowl part of spoon facing up and push your lashes into the warm spoon. This will shape and curl your eyelashes.


Apples For Sparkling White Teeth

To remove stains from your teeth after having meals, always eat an apple. It removes stains or bits of food stuck between the teeth.

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Story first published: Friday, November 13, 2015, 10:01 [IST]
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