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Morning Beauty Tips To Save Time

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What do you do after you wake up every morning? Do you have ample time to schedule a good beauty regime or are you busy as hell to do a thing for yourself? Whatever the day is like, it is always necessary to keep some time off for your skin and health, preferably in the morning.


For a perfect day, you need to look fresh and beautiful all throughout. For this, it is needed that you follow some steps to pamper your skin. This article is all about morning beauty tips that will make you feel energised from within.

Stretch yourself and take a bath - Once you are up and done with a little exercise followed with green tea, you need to take a good bath. A sponge bath with floral scented shower gel is one of the morning beauty tips for all women. It is the top morning beauty regime that you should definitely follow. The bath is soothing and will relax you after the exercise.

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Moisturise – One of the morning beauty tips is to moisturise yourself thoroughly after the bath. It is necessary to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Moisturising should be done within 10 minutes of your bath, therefore, get yourself a good moisturiser as soon as possible.

Use a wash cloth - Once you are done with your body, it is time for the face. Start with using a cloth soaked in warm water. Put this on your face for sometime, this will do the cleaning along with closing the open pores and making the skin look supple. You will have to wash your face with a good face wash after the cloth. This is a must for your morning beauty regime and is an essential morning beauty tip, especially for the face.

Check for facial hair - Regular trimming and threading of facial hair is necessary for the face to look tidy and good. Every morning, check for any eyebrow growth. Trim the eyebrow using a plucker or a brow remover. This is a morning beauty tip for women.

Quick makeup - A makeup morning beauty tip is to start with a quick and subtle makeup. All you need to do is get a base and bb cream for the face. It will make your face even toned and ready for the day to come. Apply a lip balm or lip colour and some koel. You are good to go in this makeup for the rest of the day.

Hair - If you had a bad hair day, the best morning beauty tip is to tie a comfortable bun. Set your hair fine and you have the quickest and the best morning beauty regime for the whole day.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 15, 2014, 5:00 [IST]
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