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    BEWARE: Harmful Effects Of Lipsticks


    Every woman will have her favourite lipstick shade in her cosmetic box. There is no doubt that it is important to highlight a woman’s lips. After all, they are referred to as the ‘rosy lips’.

    But, there are many disadvantages of using lipsticks because of the materials that are used in making them.

    Care should be taken to use lipsticks only on special occasions or make sure that you apply lipstick once a day only. The quality of the lipstick also matters. Always prefer quality products, avoid cheap and low grade ones. This will drastically solve most of the problems that are caused by the lipsticks.

    BEWARE: Harmful Effects Of Lipsticks

    There are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to lips care. Apart from the direct action on lips, the harmful chemicals in the lipsticks can be dangerous to your overall health as well. The constant contact with skin and accidental entry into the body system through licking are the common reasons for this.


    The following are a few harmful effects of lipsticks that can occur if you use low quality products constantly.

    Heavy Metals
    Studies have shown that lipsticks have concerning levels of chromium, cadmium and magnesium. This will result in increasing your risk to dangerous diseases and organ damage. High levels of cadmium can be stored in the kidney and finally result in renal failure. Applying and re-applying lipsticks many times during the day can lead to stomach tumors. These are some of the harmful effects of lipsticks.

    It has been revealed that most of the lipsticks have a dangerously high amount of lead. Lead is a neurotoxin and can affect the nervous system. It can also cause brain damage. This is one of the reasons for hormone imbalance and infertility. Even if it's taken in small quantities, it can have drastic effects on the body.

    This is one of the materials used in making lipsticks. This is also harmful for the health. These are chemicals that are made from crude oil and natural gas. Consumption of this can cause endocrine disruption, which interferes with growth, reproduction, development and intelligence. This is one of the harmful effects of lipsticks.

    Formaldehyde and Mineral Oil
    Formaldehyde is a preservative, which is also known as human carcinogen. Wheezing, coughing, irritation of the eyes and skin are other effects of formaldehyde. Mineral oil is another ingredient which is used in lipstick to block the pores. Many of the harmful effects of lipsticks are due to these chemicals.

    Parabens and Bismuth oxy chloride
    These are two other ingredients that are used in the making of lipsticks. The harmful effect of lipsticks is due to the carcinogenic property of these two ingredients. The parabens act as preservatives just like the formaldehyde. Though this is used in preserving the lipstick, it is very harmful for the body.

    Never compromise on quality while buying lipsticks. Keep their use minimum. You can also try homemade lipsticks for safety reasons.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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