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Easy Nail Care Tips For Men

These days, men too have started grooming themselves. Having long uncut nails is no longer acceptable for men! Earlier, men used to grow their little finger or thumb nail. However, long and unkempt nails can look really bad and unclean on men.

Most of the men think that cutting nails is the only grooming essential required by them. Let me tell you guys, you can groom your nails by indulging in some nail care. This is because your nails too need some nourishing. Pale, white or yellow nails can look ugly. Moreover, men often cover their feet in shoes or sneakers. This leads to sweat accumulation in the cuticles which in turn increases foot odour. This place also increases the chances of suffering from infections. So, nail care is actually important for men too! Here are few tips for men to care for their nails.

Nail Care Tips For Men:

1. The basic thing you need to do to care for your nails is, trim them and keep them short. Short nails are safe and the dirt also doesn't accumulate inside.
2. Treat the jagged and roughed edges of the nails by using a nail filer. The nail filer gives a round and smooth appearance to the nails.
3. Use a metal nail file to clean the dirt that gets accumulated in the corners. Even the dirt that has been collected underneath the nails can be dug out with a metal file.
4. Men should groom themselves by caring for their nails. It can be done through manicure and pedicure. It is nothing wrong as men these days are indulging in these spa treatments to groom themselves.
5. Use a moisturiser as it softens the nails and the skin around it. You must apply moisturiser or body lotion after taking bath, and before going to bed.
6. You can use a cuticle stick to soften the cuticles around the nails and keep them clean. This also removes dead skin cells.
7. While bathing, make sure that you wash your fingers and toenails. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and fungus that can lead to infections.

These are few nail care tips for men to follow. It is not bad to groom yourself and care for your own body!

Story first published: Thursday, July 18, 2013, 21:03 [IST]
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