Remove Nail Polish Without Using Acetone

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Red, pink, or black whatever your dress colour is, there is one thing in your makeup kit that you never forget to match with your dress; nail polish. Nail paint enhances the beauty of hands and is every girl's favourite beauty product. If you have done your face makeup properly but haven't taken care of the nails then it will definitely drag you down on fashion quotient. But there is one thing that you use extensively whenever you paint your nails, a nail polish remover.

This is a liquid cleaning agent that is used to remove old and unwanted nail paint. You may be using nail polish remover to remove your old nail paint. But do you know that your nail polish remover can give you many health hazards and affect your nails too? Nail polish remover is made of a toxic chemical liquid- Acetone which is a dissolved element of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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Acetone, a chemical compound can have many bad effects on the body. Excessive use of acetone can give you headaches, irritation in eyes, lungs congestion and nausea. So, are you now thinking that if these nail polish remover have so many health hazards then what to do? How to remove nail-polish without using these chemically made nail removers? Don't worry! We bring you few easy and effective home-made techniques to remove nail polish without using removers.

Tricks to remove nail polish without using acetone

A bowl of hot water: Yes, we are not lying. You can remove your nail polish by soaking your fingers in a bowl of hot water. What you need to do is just take a bowl of hot water (hot enough to bear) and dip your fingers in it for 15 minutes. Once the old nail paint loosen and becomes soft, take out your fingers and rub them on a dry towel. Immediately lightly scratch out your old nail colour with your nails.

Apply a dark coat of nail paint: You can apply a dark coat of any nail paint on your nails. Applying a darker coat will make the lower coat soft. Next you can take cotton balls and just rub on your nail. This will remove nail paint quickly and without any hassle.

Deodorant, body spray and hair spray: Take a cotton ball and spray deodorant, body spray or hair spray on it and then gently rub on your nails. It will take less than second to remove the nail polish from your nails. When the nail paint is completely removed, just massage your nails with some body lotion and leave for sometime.

Have you tried these homemade nail removers yet?

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