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Natural Body Butters For Skin Care

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Only a pretty and beautiful face does not make you beautiful. For complete beauty you need to take care of your whole body. So get ready to smoothen up your hands, legs and back with some natural body butters. Body butter helps to keep your skin moisturized for a longer time. It smoothens the skin cells and gives you a glowing skin. Instead of going for the chemical skin butters available in the market, use a natural body butter as it will have no side effects on your skin. Lets see the different kinds of butters that you can apply on your skin to make it look all the more attractive.

Natural Body Butter

Shea Butter:
  • Take half a cup of shea butter and mix it with 5-6 drops of almond oil. Apply this natural cream all over your body and see how it invigorates your senses.
  • You may also mix half a cup of each aloe vera gel and shea butter to form an amazing body butter for your skin. This is by far the best moisturizer one can have for skin.
  • Mix 7-8 drops of coconut oil and 5-6 drops of lemon with half cup of shea butter. Blend this mixture of natural body butter well and massage it gently onto your skin. Apart from moisturizing this will also cure the cracks on skin if you have any.
  • For a beautiful essence you may also mix 7-8 drops of lavender oil into a half cup of shea butter and then apply it on your body. This will leave you with a lovely fragrance throughout the day.
  • And to get the skin rejuvenating effects of jojoba oil just pour 8-9 drops of the oil into shea butter and mix well to get a homemade body butter for effective skin care.

Cocoa Butter:

  • Mix half a cup of cocoa butter with about 10 drops of olive oil to get a smooth body butter mixture. This mixture will soften your rough and dry skin cells to a great extent.
  • Another very nice body butter can be formed with a combination of 6-7 drops of grapeseed oil, 7-8 drops of apricot kernel oil and half cup of cocoa butter. See how you are left with a glowing skin after you massage your body with this cocoa butter mixture.
  • Get a wonderful natural body butter by mixing half cup of cocoa butter with 10-12 drops of rose water and 5-6 drops of lemon oil.

Mango Butter:

  • Mix half a cup of mango butter with 10-12 drops of apricot kernel and coconut oil. This will form an awesome body butter to soothe your skin.
  • You may also mix half cup of mango butter with 7-8 drops of lavender and lemon oil to get a natural cream for your body.
  • And for optimum moisturizing effects mix a quarter cup of mango butter, aloe vera gel and 5-6 drops of avocado oil together. This will not only moisturize your skin but will leave you a fresh feeling for long.

Each of these body butter is extremely good for maintaining a soft, supple, healthy and glowing skin. You can easily get these flavoured butters from a cosmetic store. They have a long shelf life. You can easily store them in a cool dry place.

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