Dark Nail Polish Can Last Longer Now!

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Beautiful nails can make your fingers look more attractive. And to make them even more attractive you can apply different coloured nail polish. This trend has been going on since decades and women have gradually become used to painting their nails. However, the nail polish tends to chip off within a week or even before! If you have applied a lighter shade, then you do not need to worry much as it is hardly visible. But, darker shades attract more attention and thus, you have to be careful if your nail polish is chipping out. You cannot keep applying a nail polish every other day just to make your nails look attractive. Moreover, you cannot skip washing your nails whole day long or avoid cooking food just to make your nail polish last longer. How can you keep your nails painted for longer?

Steps to apply a dark nail polish:

Nail Polish Can Last Longer

Clean your nails: Before applying a new colour coat, clean your nails. Firstly, dab a cotton ball in a nail polish remover and rub on your nails. After removing the nail colour, use a filer to shape your nails and remove dead cuticles around the skin. Wash with clean water.

Pick up the colour: Depending on the occasion and mood, pick up a nail colour you like. Now, rub the nail polish bottle for a minute to warm it. Shaking the bottle also makes it easy to take out colour from it.

Apply a base polish: To make the nail polish last longer, apply a coat of base nail polish. It is transparent in colour. Let it dry. Now apply the nail paint. Let it dry. If second coat is required, paint your nails again and then sit for few minutes till your nails dry completely.

Tips to make your dark nail polish last longer:

Always apply on clean nails: Even if you have not applied any nail colour before, clean your nails every time before you put on any colour on the nails. Natural oils around the nails make your nail polish chip out easily. So, clean the nails before putting any nail colour.

Avoid thick coats: A thick coat can make your nail polish peel out just after 2 days. So, prefer 2-3 thin coats of nail polish over 2 thick coats. Thin coats make your nail polish look more clean.

Top coat is a must: After applying the gorgeous nail polish colour, coat with a top coat. You can also use the base coat. This coat makes your nail polish last longer and also make your nails shine. To keep the dark nails look amazing for more days, apply the base coat regularly.

Dark nail polish is clearly visible and attracts more attention. When the colour starts coming out, your nails look dirty. So, try these ways to make your dazzling nails look colourful.

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2012, 10:34 [IST]
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