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Do Natural Manicure At Home!

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Natural manicure
Everyone loves to keep a well groomed clean and polished nails but the expensive nail care at parlors stop many from taking proper care. So, here are home remedies for natural manicure at home. You can easily do natural manicure at home and get the glossy nails.

Natural manicure at home:

1.The most commonly used natural manicure at home remedy is working on your dirty and stained nails by soaking them in warm soapy water. Use a brush to clean them. If the stains are really dark then put some salt and shampoo in it to whiten the nails. Apply lotion to keep the nails soft.

2.Natural manicure at home process is - Remove nail polish with cotton dipped in little nail polish remover, file the rough nails in an emery board and trim your nails with a finger trimmer. Use cuticle remover to remove or push down the nail cuticles.

3.Pick a nail polish color and apply from the base towards the end in one direction to make a clear coat. If you spread nail polish on your skin around the nails then rub the stain with paper towel with little nail remover and re-coat if required.

4.If you want to groom the nail cuticles then apply a drop of cuticle oil on each nail bed properly. It also softens the nail beds.

5.Use a cuticle nipper to treat overgrown and out of shape cuticles around nail beds. Trim carefully to avoid cutting the flesh. It is best to use cuticle oil and push them back every week to get neatly groomed cuticles and you will not have to work hard on pushing it.

6.Use a crystal glass file to file your nails. This will not split the nails and strengthen them.

7.If you want the round shaped nails then round your nail corners slightly. It is best to choose the natural shape of your fingertips to perfectly match with the shape of your fingers. Buff your nails up with soft buffer and then swipe them individually with nail polish remover. This helps the polished nails stay colored for a long time.

8.Use a bast coat before applying the color. After the base coat dries, apply the first coat of nail color. Don't start right at the cuticle. Place the tip of the brush inside the cuticle and then push the brush outside towards the nail tip. Go only in one direction to make it look clear and apply a thin first coat.

9.Olive oil is an effective natural manicure ingredient to cure brittle nails. Dip your nails in warm olive oil for 8-10 minutes and massage you hands with the left oil if you want. Gently push back the cuticles with an orange-wood stick and them shape the nails with an emery board.

10.If you want natural pink colored nails then make a thin paste of water and henna. Paint the paste on your nails and let them dry out in the sun. rinse off after it dries. This paste will make the nails look pink without chipping.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 11:53 [IST]
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