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Nails Peeling
Does your nails peeling off continue even after taking proper care? Few women have soft nails which tear off in layers due to nutritional deficiencies. Even household work like cleaning or gardening breaks the nails and make them weak gradually. If you wish to keep long nails and prevent it from peeling off then a proper health program which includes a nutritional diet, nail strengthening products and good quality nail supplements. Even climate change, water absorption and fungal infections in the nail can lead to removal of nail plates.

Following are the tips to help protect your nails peeling off:

1. Dry air or overexposure to water due to household work in water like washing dishes, cleaning etc, women find their nails peeling off easily. These nails brittle with age as natural oils begin to diminish. Wear gloves while doing work which keeps your hand wet for more than 10 minutes. Put a hand lotion or a moisturizer onto your nail beds to keep it soft and moisturized.
2. Food diet can strongly help in coming out of weak nails. Add multivitamin and multi mineral to your diet which are easily digestible too. Nutritional deficiencies mainly iron, calcium and vitamin B results in nails peeling . Eat vitamin C reach food to increase iron absorption like strawberries, cereals and green vegetables. Omega 3 fatty food like flaxseeds, fish and walnuts moisturize the nails internally.
3. Nail strengthener is a good product to strengthen nails and add subtle gloss to it. Buy a strengthener which contains keratin, vitamin E, nutrients like copper, magnesium and calcium to toughen up the nails. You can use it as a top coat over nail polish or directly.
4. File and shape your brittle nails with fine four sided grit filers instead of metal files. Metal filers tend to scratch the nails and tear off the layers of nails.
5. Dryness cause nail cuticles to peel off gradually and convert them brittle nails. Apply moisturizer or lotion on your hands especially on nails at least 4 times in a day to strengthen nails. Remember to apply at night before going to sleep.

So, for strong and clean nails keep doing manicure at intervals and take care of your diet.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 26, 2011, 16:20 [IST]
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