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Beauty Is Skin Deep, Yes, But With Botox!

By Super Admin
Somebody somewhere once said that beauty is skin deep, though it was long time ago, even before, they found Botox, still with women largely turning to Botex, the old saying has certainly now found a new meaning.

With the ever increasing beauty consciousness, many including women as young as 20-year old are turning to botox , which according to a cosmetic surgeon has become as acceptable as dying hair among women.

While older women are more concerned with fixing lines and wrinkles, women in their 20s are flocking to change the shape of their eyebrows and lips, the experts said. Dr Gabrielle Caswell, head of the Cosmetic Physicians Society, says young women are turning to Botox to follow fleeting fashion trends.

As Botox use catches on, the experts are noting the type of botox fix that women are largely looking for. Caswell says ,"They do like the plump lips ... and it's very trendy to have flanged outer eyebrows."

Caswell said that some young women also had frown-lines flattened, but the overwhelming majority just want a new style.

Bondi cosmetic surgeon said reshaped eyebrows were particularly popular with young women. "I see quite a number of younger patients coming through. More often, I see the younger ones coming in and ask for their eyebrows to be lifted," Zacharia added.


Story first published: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 15:24 [IST]
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